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Recent MYM Success

“Hot-Off-The-Press” Stories Of How We
Constantly Kick Butt For Our Clients.

Here’s a detailed up-to-the-minute look at ways we help our clients every single day. Whether it’s taking a company to #1 on Google, raking in truckloads of PPC web leads for a client, or launching a spiffy new contractor website, you’ll find it here.

Check this page daily for the latest client success stories.

How We Helped This Small-Town Contractor Effectively Brand His Company, Rank #1 On Google & CRUSH The Competition.

Sometimes it pays to be the big fish in a small pond. Just ask Troy Soberg.

Troy owns Soberg Windows & Doors, a home improvement company located in Walworth County, Wisconsin. Walworth is a small, scenic rural area about an hour and a half from Chicago. It’s made up mostly of blue-collar folks, and it’s also a popular resort area for people from big cities (like Chicago) who own vacation homes. As a result, Soberg provides windows and doors for houses anywhere from $100K to $5 million.

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This Contractor’s Website URL Was Wrongly Labeled Spam By MacAfee, Costing Him Thousands In Lost Revenue. Here’s How We Fixed It.

It’s scary to think about, but some prospects trying to visit your website may be greeted with a message similar to "Warning: trouble ahead!"

That’s is what Ed Chmar, owner of Homelife Remodeling and MYM client, discovered a few weeks ago. A prospect trying to visit Homelife Remodeling’s website ran into the message above. The prospect contacted Ed to let him know about it.

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How To Catch One Fish Every 86 Seconds

I once watched my brother-in law Jared pull 42 rainbow and brown trout out of the Mountain Fork River in SE Oklahoma in an hour with a fly rod.

That’s one fish every 86 seconds.

A few minutes into doing it, other fisherman—who were having far less luck—started to notice.

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PPC Campaign Launched At 9:43am.
$7,156 Bath Remodel Generated Two Hours Later.

Everybody knows it takes a while doing SEO for your company to climb to the top of the Google rankings.

Which is why PPC (pay-per-click) isn’t optional—it’s mandatory.

With a well-executed PPC campaign, you can start generating REAL leads instantly. And when I say instantly, I mean less than 2 hours after starting.

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The Difference Between Ranking #3 And #1 On Google

Really, how much of a difference is there between ranking #3 on Google and ranking #1? As long as you’re in those top few search results, it can’t be THAT drastic, right?

Actually, it is. To the tune of potentially millions of dollars.

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