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How To Catch One Fish Every 86 Seconds

I once watched my brother-in law Jared pull 42 rainbow and brown trout out of the Mountain Fork River in SE Oklahoma in an hour with a fly rod.

That’s one fish every 86 seconds.

A few minutes into doing it, other fisherman—who were having far less luck—started to notice.

Then they started to congregate. Then they started to crowd him out. He finally quit after an hour because he was getting overrun.

Funny thing, none of them were catching nearly as many fish. A lot of them weren’t catching ANY fish at all.

In the exact same spot.

On a related note (sort of), did you know 65% of remodeling contractors don’t use PPC?

Here are the main reasons why:

  • They got crappy results when they tried it in the past.
  • They think PPC leads are low quality.
  • They think it costs too much.

In other words, they think it’s a giant waste of time.

One of our clients, Merrell Home Improvements, thought PPC was giant waste of time, too.

They had tried it in the past with another company and failed miserably. By the time we got together to build their website, they wanted nothing to do with PPC. They wouldn’t even have the conversation with us for MONTHS.

They didn’t even believe us when we told them the results were guaranteed—there is literally no way you can lose. The MAXIMUM you will pay is $200 per lead. If it goes over during the testing phase, we pay the difference out of our pocket.

Finally, reluctantly, he agreed to try.

Result: 38 leads in the first 4 weeks—at a ridiculously low cost per lead of $121.61.

That’s like 42 trout in 60 minutes ridiculous.

Check it out (click the image for the full version):

A bird’s-eye view of the detailed report we review with you after every PPC cycle.
(Don’t worry: We spell it all out for you!)

How do we get results that are so much better than everyone else?

The exact same way Jared out-fishes all those other wannabes on the banks of the river:

We are experts who know exactly what we are doing—not just jokers sitting on the side of a river somewhere praying for a nibble.

I’ll update you on Merrell’s progress in the future… their lead counts will go up and the cost per lead will go down as the campaign optimizes.

Meanwhile, here are some things you can do:

Have a great day!


P.S. In a future article, I’ll show you how we took a window company in a hyper-competitive market to #1 on Google. Their website is pulling in an absurd amount of high-quality leads. Look for the details in the next email.