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How We Helped This Small-Town Contractor Effectively Brand His Company,
Rank #1 On Google & CRUSH The Competition.

Sometimes it pays to be the big fish in a small pond. Just ask Troy Soberg.

Troy owns Soberg Windows & Doors, a home improvement company located in Walworth County, Wisconsin. Walworth is a small, scenic rural area about an hour and a half from Chicago. It’s made up mostly of blue-collar folks, and it’s also a popular resort area for people from big cities (like Chicago) who own vacation homes. As a result, Soberg provides windows and doors for houses anywhere from $100K to $5 million.

When the entire county you service has the population of an average-sized U.S. city (a hair above 100,000), reputation is everything. “In a rural area, the biggest thing to focus on if you’re a contractor is your reputation,” Troy says. “The area we service is made up of a bunch of small towns 15 minutes apart. Word of one bad job spreads like wildfire.”

Contractors in general have a bad reputation. Contractors in small towns are thought of even more poorly—especially by people who live in large metropolitan areas. “A lot of people who own vacation homes here who are from big cities like Chicago think Wisconsin contractors are a bunch of unreliable idiots who don’t call back, follow through, and lack professionalism.”

Prior to joining Monopolize Your Marketplace in 2013, Troy personally created Soberg’s old website and ads. Since he knew little about marketing, he had trouble communicating that his company was the opposite of the stereotypically unreliable, unprofessional small-town contractor. “I was shooting from the hip. I didn’t know much about marketing, branding, or SEO. I didn’t have a plan. I didn’t know what I was doing or the kind of content I should be creating. And my website wasn’t drawing people in.”

Troy wasn’t actively seeking a marketing company to help him. But when he saw Monopolize Your Marketplace CEO Rich Harshaw give a seminar at an Infinity by Marvin event, Troy changed his tune. “Rich’s talk made me realize there we’re a lot of things I wasn’t doing with my marketing. But the big thing that stuck with me was creating a strong Identity for my company.”

At first, Troy was skeptical of investing in Monopolize Your Marketplace. But Troy knows that to make money, you’ve got to spend money. “I knew I needed help with my contractor marketing. Initially, I didn’t have the funds to pay for MYM’s services. So I found the money to do it. It has definitely paid off.”

Soberg Window & Door’s MYM-built website homepage (above the fold).

Creating A Powerful Identity

To set Soberg Windows & Doors apart from the competition and help them monopolize their marketplace, we needed to create an Identity that proved the company was not the usual “Chuck in a Truck” contractor so common to the area. So we based his Identity on his immaculate reputation. Here’s a look:

Right off the bat, the Identity focuses on how important Troy’s reputation is to him. To show that he puts his money where his money is, we placed numerous links to reviews and customer references throughout the page.

Focusing on Soberg’s reputation has paid off big time—especially with those affluent second-home customers. “Advertising my good reputation goes really far with the second-home market. They’re so impressed by our company and Identity that often they don’t even get estimates from other contractors. The Identity is working very well and people respond to it. Even my competitors say I have a great website!”

Crushing The Competition In SEO

To create a dominating internet presence, a powerful home improvement website is only 50% of the equation. If you’re not performing SEO (Search Engine Optimization), your awesome site is useless.

Prior to joining Monopolize Your Marketplace, Troy had someone else handling his SEO… his ex-wife. And believe it or not, she did a solid job! “She did have us up in the rankings pretty well. Still, it was up and down. Inconsistent.”

That’s no surprise, considering search engines like Google constantly tinker with their search algorithms, making it practically impossible for SEO non-professionals to keep up. When we built Soberg’s new website and took over the contractor’s SEO, it took the normal four or five months to ‘kick in.’ But after that initial start-up period, Troy couldn’t be more thrilled with his SEO.

“With MYM, I’ve seen very, very positive SEO results. I’m pretty much on the first page for all keywords relating to windows and doors in my area. Now we are consistently where we want to be. Monopolize Your Marketplace’s SEO services have definitely helped produce a lot of home improvement leads.”

As of April 30th, 2016, 92% of Soberg’s keywords are in the top 10 on Google,
with many ranking in the coveted first two spots. Cha-ching.

Unlike a lot of SEO companies—which tend to provide their clients with poor reporting and slow response—we insist on timely, clear, consistent communication. “Regarding my SEO, I deal a lot with [MYM Digital Services Director] Katie Colihan. I can’t say enough about her. She is very personable, caring, and interested in what I do. Anything I need with my SEO, boom, she is right on it.”

Maintaining Internet-Marketing Dominance

Whether you’re a contractor in a small rural county or a huge sprawling metropolis, one thing remains constant: In today’s always-online world, you MUST have both a strong Identity and internet presence to succeed.

By powerfully branding Soberg Windows & Doors and getting them to #1 on Google for many of their keywords, we’ve helped the company become the big fish in a relatively small pond. When people search online for windows and doors in Walworth County, the first link they see on the results page is for Soberg’s website. And when those prospects click through to the company’s site, they’re greeted with a strong Identity that conveys how Soberg much different—and much BETTER—than the average small-town contractor. Prospects can’t help but fall in love.

In all, the synergy between Soberg’s Identity and SEO has produced great results for Troy and his company. “It took about four months for the SEO to ‘kick in,’ but we are now getting a lot of leads from internet searches and our website.”

In the past year, we’ve updated the design of Soberg’s website and made it mobile friendly. By doing this, we’re ensuring that Soberg Windows & Doors continues to maintain a strong, up-to-date internet presence that rakes in business.

On what it’s like being an MYM client, Troy says, “Marketing is tough for small businesses. It can be expensive and there’s so much involved. Monopolize Your Marketplace makes everything easy and has produced very positive results for my company. Becoming one of their clients has definitely paid off.”

Ready To Monopolize YOUR Marketplace?

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