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The 5 most common questions contractors ask about No-Risk Pay Per Click

If you’re considering No-Risk Pay Per Click to boost your lead generation, you probably have a few questions.

Let me answer the top five questions contractors ask me when they’re on the fence about trying the program.

#1: “Are The Leads Any Good?”

You bet. Think about it for a second. Why would PPC leads be different than any other type of lead? The types of folks who click on PPC ads are usually the types of folks who want a remodel or home improvement project ASAP—like right now!

Contractors who have had success with PPC report that the lead quality is as good as or better than their other primary lead-generation efforts. Honestly, the only kinds of leads that may be easier to close are referrals and home show leads.

A quick word of caution, though. Digital leads are often champing at the bit to start their projects. If you don’t answer when they call—or follow up that same day—they’ll likely have already moved on to the next contractor. This is why it’s MISSION-CRITICAL to have a 24-hour answering service to catch any calls you miss.

#2: “What Do You Consider A Lead?”

Anyone in your service area who contacts you expressing interest to buy  what your company provides. It’s that simple.

We don’t count service calls, hang-ups, repeat callers, or telemarketing calls as leads. A lead is anyone you can potentially turn into a new sale. Period.

#3: “Is The $200 Cost Per Lead Guarantee Real”?

It sure is. If your cost per lead (CPL) is more than $200 for any given billing period, we foot the bill for the overage.

That means…

  • If your CPL is $247.23, we pay the extra $47.23 per lead.
  • If it’s $324.95, we pay the $124.95 per lead.
  • If it’s $200.01, I dig into my couch cushions and find the extra pennies.

There are exceptionally rare instances when we have to set the max CPL to $300. This occurs with only about 5% of clients, but it does happen occasionally. A $300 CPL is due to factors like a hyper-competitive area, abnormally large PPC spending by your competitors, and extreme seasonal competition. In other words—this likely won’t apply to you. And if it does, we let you know BEFORE we launch your campaign.

#4: “How Many Leads Can You Get Me Per Month?”

This depends on your market and the season. It could be 30 per month. It could be 300 per month. Before you sign on as a No-Risk PPC client, we analyze your market to determine a number. Then we let you know the estimated number of leads you can expect, and at what cost per lead.

Whatever the number, we burn the midnight oil to snatch up every available lead in your area.

#5: “Do I Have To Have An Ad Budget?”

No. One thing contractors love most about No-Risk PPC is that they don’t have to dump thousands of dollars into an ad budget every month.

According to industry statistics, the average small- to medium-sized business spends $9,000 to $10,000 PER MONTH on PPC. And that’s with ZERO guarantee their campaign will actually generate any leads.

With No-Risk PPC, you pay ONLY for the leads (and no more than $200 per lead) and a nominal monthly management fee of $1,000. That’s it. No ad budget. No pre-paying. And the leads are guaranteed.


I hope this answers your burning questions about No-Risk PPC.

Now I Have A Question For You…

Why wouldn’t you at least try No-Risk PPC? I’d love to hear your specific reason (if you have one) as to why you wouldn’t at least try a lead-generation service that involves literally zero risk.

Seriously—shoot me an email now with a little note as to why.

Or better yet—shoot me an email and tell me you want to give it a try. After all, you have NOTHING to lose!




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