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Client Success: $200,000 Sale From New Website

Don Isaacson Turned His Website Into A Cash Printing Machine—Instantly.

Don Isaacson Turned His Website Into A Cash Printing Machine—Instantly.

Don Isaacson Was A Nice Guy And A Great Remodeler.

But His Home Improvement Website Was Holding Him Back. Not Anymore.

Written by Rich Harshaw

Note: This article is part of Monopolize Your Marketplace’s ongoing “Client Success” series. All of the information is real and current; please respect the privacy of the companies mentioned; they don’t want to be overwhelmed with questions and comments.

Don and Laurie Isaacson were probably a whole lot like you. The husband and wife duo had run a small remodeling company for over two decades together—Don being the front-line “do everything construction related” guy, and Laurie in the background keeping the books and office in order.

They built a respectable and profitable business that was working for them, but they knew they could be doing more. I took one look at their website and knew for a fact they could be doing more. Here’s what it looked like:


The website was pretty amateurish, but even worse, it failed to capture their Identity as a company. I held an Identity Consultation with the couple to find out what really makes them tick, and discovered—like with most remodelers—that their home improvement website did an extremely poor job of capturing what makes their customers love them. Instead, it’s filled with mind-numbing platitudes like “committed to the quality and service you desire.” Yech.

I asked a few questions: What makes you better and different than you competitors? What can customers expect when doing business with you? Why would somebody hire you instead of the 1,000 other remodelers out there? Turns out, Don is borderline OCD—he obsesses over every little detail of every job, sometimes to a nearly unhealthy extent. Laurie told me story after story about Don taking phone calls during dinner and in the middle of the night; how their vacation had once been ruined by a problem that popped up and caused them to go home 3 days earlier than planned. Don was famous for scouring supply houses for “just the right pull knob” and restraining floors or cabinets that weren’t exactly right. Long story short, Don was a hard-to-please, no-excuses perfectionist.

And so their identity was born: The Persnickety Remodeler. Here’s what the website ended up looking like:


I found a stock photo of a guy making a certain face—one that communicated “I’m freaking serious” and had Don hire a photographer to capture him making that face. Then the headline: “Persnickety? Demanding? Hard To Please? Picky? Then I’m The Remodeler For You.” The face and the headline together were perfect.

Then we added social proof: references available at the click of a mouse, and reviews. An online portfolio with case studies of jobs they had done (including before, during, and after pictures) lent proof to Don’s abilities. A stout “About Us” page helped people get to know Don & Laurie on a more personal level. The website came together very nicely.

See the site live for yourself at (note: this is an older-style website; as of November, 2013 we have upgrade the look of all new client contractor websites.)

Turns out it worked really well, too. Here is an email from Laurie less than a year after launching the site:

We just landed our biggest remodeling job ever—over $200,000… not exactly common these days—with a couple who lives out of state and are moving here this summer.

We know we got the job because of the new website. The clients loved it, and obviously read it all. The called all of our references. They referred to the gallery pictures, saying they wanted those features or materials in their project. So THANK YOU MONOPOLIZE YOUR MARKETPLACE for creating such a powerful tool to help set us apart from the others.

At the end of 2013 Laurie reports that their business has doubled since working with MYM to upgrade their website and help them with other contractor marketing activities. Credit Don and Laurie for being great remodelers with tons of experience, integrity, and passion. They just needed a little assist to communicate their advantages to their prospects.

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