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Freshly Posted Contractor Marketing Webinar: How To Turn Website Lookers Into Real-World Buyers.

There’s A 99% Chance That Your Home Improvement Website Is An EPIC FAIL—

And You Don’t Even Know It.

If You’re Not Getting At Least HALF Your Sales From The Web,
It’s Time To FIRE YOUR WEBSITE And Start Over Again From Scratch.

Please enjoy this video of our webinar on the topic of gathering and using online reviews. For a special offer, please see the end of the video.

What You Will Learn On This Webinar

  • Why most companies neglect their website—even though it’s the most important part of your marketing plan.
  • Why your current website is an epic FAIL—even if you love it and people tell you it’s fantastic.
  • Why a nice looking contractor website isn’t nearly enough to make people want to buy.
  • How to instantly separate yourself from your competitors—in less than 3 seconds
  • What kinds of social proof work best, and where you should put them on your website—location matters.
  • How to create headlines that effectively “direct traffic” by letting people know what to look at first
  • Before and after examples of remodeling companies that are doing it RIGHT.

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