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How Today’s Outrage Culture Can One-Shot Kill Your Online Reputation


“What do you mean my husband needs to be present for a quote? You’re sexist!”

That’s what a prospect said to one of our roofing clients a few weeks ago… right before she trashed them on Yelp and Google for being “misogynists.”

Here’s what happened…

The woman called our client for a quote on a new roof. As is standard with this company (and probably yours, too), they require both parties present if the prospect is married. You know, to ensure everybody in the home is on the same page about the project.

This woman didn’t take it that way. She believed our client didn’t want to provide HER with the quote because she was a woman.

Before our client could even explain their “both parties present” policy, she hung up on them and instantly took to the internet.

She lit into our client on all of the biggest review websites, leaving a one-star rating in her wake.

Yelp: One star.

Google: One star.

Facebook: One star.

All because she thought the client was insulting her.

Welcome to 2016, where people are eager to take offense… and even more eager to hop on the internet to let everyone know about it.

As a contractor, you’re especially vulnerable to the wrath of today’s Online Grievance Mob. (You already know about the roofer who lost $1.5 million because a crazy customer left online reviews accusing the owner of murder.)

Here’s why: People are over 50% more likely to leave a negative online review than a good one. And studies show negative reviews carry A LOT more weight than positive reviews.

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You could have 253 five-star reviews and a single one-star review on Yelp. And that lone bad review can still sway 80% of prospects considering your business.

In other words, your online reputation is more vulnerable than a baby seal being circled by a herd of hungry sharks.

Unless you have the proper protection.

We’ve spent the past 7 years developing a service that makes your business completely immune to bad online reviews.

It’s like wrapping your online reputation in a Kevlar vest—bad reviews aimed at you bounce right off, leaving no damage.

And if your business is already hemorrhaging money due to negative online reviews, this program stops the bleeding, sews up the wound, and makes your reputation as good as new again.

It’s called Online Reputation Management (ORM), and we launched it last week.

With ORM, prospects researching your company online will see only your “best side.” It’s perfect if you…

  • Have an anemic online reputation and want to establish a dominating presence across all of the major review websites.
  • Need to squash some negative online reviews to start over “fresh” with your reputation.
  • Want to maintain or improve your already great online reputation.  (Studies show just a one-star increase on websites like Yelp spike profits by 5% to 11%.)

Watch the quick video below to see exactly why ORM is mandatory for maintaining a profitable business in today’s over-sensitive world… and why you’ll never have to fear a negative online review again.

Click to watch video

Have a great day!


P.S. Check out my blog post on the 5 immediate ways to utilize online reviews on your website. Get this: Some businesses report as much as a 58% sales increase from their sites by adding a simple review widget!

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