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Why hustle (not a huge budget) is the key to pay-per-click riches

Who is that handsome devil that comes up to everyone’s shoulder?

I guess you could say I was a late bloomer.

In ninth grade, I was 4’11”.


Four feet.

Eleven inches.

In high school.

I was shorter than the shortest girl in my grade. I had to crane my neck upward to talk to the other boys. I got called shrimp 5 to 10 times a day. And when I hung out with friends, I looked less like them and more like one of their kid brothers.

But you know what?

My pint-sized butt still made the freshman basketball team. And I was one of the best players on the court.

I wasn’t a particularly good shooter. I didn’t have a killer crossover. And I certainly didn’t have the physical gifts of my puberty-struck teammates.

But what I didn’t have in ability and size, I made up for with HUSTLE.

I got every loose ball.

I stole rebounds from the lazy big guys who were over a foot taller.

I generally wreaked havoc on opposing players.

And it worked. I was a real-life Mighty Mouse out there on the parquet floor. No one outworked me.

There’s a valuable marketing lesson here: When it comes to pay per click, it’s not about who has the biggest budget—it’s about who has the most hustle.

Let’s go through an example, so you can see what I’m talking about…

Take a good look at the image below.

Like, REALLY examine it.

There are four ads here. But only one of them is what I would call “savage.”

By that I mean one ad is light years ahead of the others in terms of power, persuasion, and—yep—hustle

So look at the ads. Can you detect the “savage” in this group?

Have you spotted the savagery?

Here’s a hint: Look at the third and fourth ads. Notice the prices in the headlines.

The third ad mentions a $69 service call. The ad directly underneath it mentions a free trip charge worth…

… drum roll…


Stop and think about how awesome that is.

The company with the third ad thinks it has a hook to get people to click. Whoever came up with this ad for the company no doubt thought, “Oh, man… advertising a $69 service call? Genius! How can people NOT click this ad?!”

Then the company with the fourth ad pulls the rug right out from under them. Their response is basically, “Ummm… a $69 service call is a terrible offer. We’ll give you a free service call. And BTW, it’s worth $69.”

Now THAT takes cojones… and acute awareness of what competitors are doing.

In other words: HUSTLE.

And here’s the thing…

Stark Services (the savage company in the fourth ad slot) is not only almost certainly getting the best response of these four companies… they are also likely paying less on their PPC campaign because they are in the last spot of paid ads. (With PPC, the higher you rank, the more you pay.)

It’s win-win for savage Stark Services. They’re winning the conversion battle… while paying LESS.

It’s just like how high-school me would steal a rebound right out of a lazy 6’3” guy’s hands. Stark Services is snatching leads from their “bigger” competitors with nothing more than good old-fashioned EFFORT.

While the competition is running generic ads they probably haven’t changed in months, these guys are actually paying attention to what their competitors are doing. Then they are crafting their PPC campaign AROUND what their competitors are saying.

Meticulously analyzing your competitor’s campaign on a consistent basis is huge. It will allow you to get the leg up. You will be able to counter their specials and develop a much more powerful message.

And—as a result—pull in more leads.

That wraps up today. Tomorrow, We’ll actually explore the landing pages for these PPC ads.

With PPC, the hustle doesn’t stop at the ad—you MUST have a powerful, compelling, and relevant landing page to stand a chance. So I’ll dissect the pages to tell you why I think (or don’t think) they are working.

In the meantime, visit the No-Risk Pay Per Click page to find out how it can increase your profits.

Remember: We get PPC leads for contractors for no more than $200 per lead. You don’t have to pay for an ad budget or any of that other nonsense. You simply tell us how many PPC leads you want. Then we go out and grab them.

We’ve recently made some AWESOME changes to the program, which have resulted in even better results for our PPC clients.

In other words—we’re all about that HUSTLE.


P.S. If you’re wondering if I’m still 4’11”, the answer is—thankfully—no. I grew 9 inches in 10th grade and eventually maxed out at 6 feet my senior year. To say I was relieved would be the understatement of the century.

© 2018, Rich Harshaw. All rights reserved.

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