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Would You Let Your Family Doctor Perform Brain Surgery On You?

If you needed brain surgery, which of the following would you choose…

     A. General Practitioner

general practioner checking on a woman's health

Expertise: Deals with colds, the flu, chicken pox, and 752 other ailments.

Brain-Surgery Experience: None. The closest he ever gets to seeing a brain is when he peeks in your ears with his otoscope.

     B. Renowned Neurosurgeon

neurosurgeon analyzing brainscan

Expertise: Handles ONLY neurosurgical procedures.

Brain-Surgery Experience: Has dedicated his life to neurosurgery. Graduated first in his class from the top neurosurgery school in the nation. Has performed 1,793 successful brain operations.

If your gray matter needs a tune-up, it’s obvious which of these two you’d choose to “peak under the hood.”

This is not a knock on general practitioners; they do one of the most important jobs in the world.

But let’s face it…

Certain things require the expertise of a specialist to ensure success.

…One of those things is pay per click.


If you’re a contractor, it can be tough to get good results by hiring a PPC “generalist.”

Unfortunately, 98% of PPC companies are generalists. They don’t specialize in any specific industry; they use the same strategies for EVERY type of business, whether you’re a contractor or a dentist or a car salesman or a brain surgeon.

And if you know anything about marketing, you know that “one size” does not fit all when it comes to consumers.

Sure, there are overlapping desires among consumers no matter what they’re buying. Someone buying a new television wants some of the same things as someone who’s remodeling their kitchen: quality, a good price, a sense of satisfaction with their purchase, and so on.

But those are surface-level, “big-picture” desires. There are industry-specific buying triggers for both of these markets. And they do not overlap.

Case in point: Many of MYM’s PPC clients have used PPC generalists, and here is some of what they experienced…

  • Few leads (since their ads were not speaking directly to THEIR markets’ desires)
  • Low-quality leads (since their ads were not optimized for the type of customer they wanted)
  • High cost per lead (as a direct result from the low quality leads the campaign brought in)
  • Low impression share (because their ads were not interesting to people, Google relegated them to the bottom of the search results page… or didn’t show them at all!)

The only way to identify and activate the industry-specific buying triggers of your market through PPC is with the experience and knowledge that comes with practice. Years upon years of practice.

I’d know… MYM is one of the only PPC providers that work exclusively in the remodeling and home improvement industry.

We have a crack team of PPC gurus who have almost a decade of experience in contractor PPC. They have worked out the absolute best keywords for the industry, the exact wording that remodeling and home improvement ads need to get maximum clicks, and everything a contractor’s PPC campaign needs to pull in leads at the lowest possible cost.

This is why we’re the only company that can offer No-Risk PPC Lead Generation. Utilizing our exclusive strategies, we guarantee contractors a cost per lead of $200 or less. Many times, a lot less than that—we’ve got clients with a cost per lead of less than $50!

Hey… contractor PPC may not be brain surgery. But it’s complex enough to require a specialist—not a generalist—to get maximum results.

For more info about MYM No-Risk PPC Lead Generation, shoot an email to with your questions. We’ll get back to you quickly with the details you want.


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