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Maybe You’re Just Thinking Too Small

kayaking and swimming
Ten years ago I went on a father-son camping trip with my church to Broken Bow, Oklahoma where we went canoeing down the Mountain Fork River.

After a few hours of paddling, when we stopped to rest, I challenged a few of the older boys to a swimming race to the other side of the river and back—a distance of maybe 75 yards each way.

A fair amount of trash talking ensued, and the race was on.

Long story short, I demolished the entire group of 6 or 8 boys—I beat the closest one by at least 20 yards. And you better believe a fair amount of trash talking followed!

This got a few of the older boys who had not raced interested. They insisted that we hold a second race so they could beat me and restore the dignity of young people everywhere.

I agreed, but only after a 5-minute rest.

Just before we started, a guy I had never met asked if it would be okay for him to join the race. He was about my age, and had apparently just moved into our town.

Oh. My. Gosh.

This new guy absolutely KILLED me and everybody else in that second race. And it wasn’t just that he beat us—it was the way that he accomplished it.

His swimming stroke was smooth, steady, and absolutely, positively effortless.

He finished 50 yards ahead of the pack (in a 150-yard race, mind you), and wasn’t even breathing hard when we dragged our pathetic, panting carcasses out of the river.

Turns out this new guy was named John and had just moved in the week before. It also turns out he was a scholarship swimmer at the University of Arkansas back in the day. And it also turns out he was still a top 1% ranked swimmer in Ironman Triathlons worldwide.


I went from a “great swimmer” who beat a bunch of teenagers to a “giant loser” who in reality had no idea how to actually swim in less than 10 minutes.

And guess what?

I see this all the time in business, especially when the “swimming” is actually “marketing.”

I don’t want to show you how to beat all your local competitors by dominating them on the internet and crushing them on TV and radio.


Your local competitors are like those pathetic teenage boys who had no idea what they were doing whatsoever. Beating them means nothing. Not beating them is embarrassing.

What I want to do at my seminar is teach you how to get into that top 1% of all marketers.

The top 1%.

Take TV and radio.

I’ve had a thousand contractors over the years tell me “it doesn’t work for us.”

Yet I make it work for my clients in dramatic and profound ways.

There’s a difference between being “good at being a contractor” and “knowing exactly how to choose the right stations, negotiate the best deals, and produce the right commercials.”

One of my clients is 6 times bigger than his next biggest competitor. SIX TIMES BIGGER.  And not in some Podunk town. They are in the 34th biggest market in the US.

Another one of my clients holds more than 40% market share in several of the counties they compete in. FORTY PERCENT. In a top 5 market in the country.

Don’t let “good” get in the way of your being GREAT.

Come out to my seminar and literally MAKE THE JUMP to the next level in your business.

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