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Is The No-Risk PPC $200-Or-Less Lead Guarantee Real?

A lot of companies who ask me about No-Risk PPC want to know how the whole $200 lead guarantee works.

They think there’s some sort of catch. Or fine print. Or hidden exclusion.

Nope. Nope. And nope.

Here’s proof…

Between December 10th and December 24th, 2017, we had a No-Risk client from Milwaukee, WI that accumulated nine PPC leads at a cost per lead (CPL) of $416.13.

Here’s the part of their invoice showing their CPL:

Why was the CPL so high?

A few reasons.

First, this was a new No-Risk PPC client. So the campaign was still optimizing. (It takes about three months for a PPC campaign to fully optimize.)

Second, this was over Christmas break, a.k.a. the remodeling slow season. Not many folks in America’s Dairyland are looking to replace their windows. Especially when they’re busier than a California expressway during rush hour. And especially when they’re spending money out the wazoo on Christmas gifts.

Those two factors created the rare instance of us not being able to get a client’s CPL down to $200 or less.

So… what’d we do?

We foot the bill for the $1,945.17 overage.

Here’s that part of the invoice:

As a result, the client was charged for the nine leads at a CPL of $200. Instead of paying $3,745.17 for those nine leads, they ended up paying only $1,800.00.

So as you can see, the $200 CPL guarantee is 100% bona-fide.

The truth is, we rarely miss the $200 CPL mark; most No-Risk PPC clients are in the $120 to $180 range.

Here’s a look at a few invoices for other No-Risk PPC clients (CPL is boxed in red):

The takeaway: 95% of the time, our CPL is on point.

(Note: The management fee you see on two of the invoices is waived for the first three months of your campaign. This gives you the opportunity to try the program with zero financial risk.)

Make no mistake: The other 5% of the time—when the CPL exceeds $200—paying the difference sucks. But it comes with the territory.

We guarantee our No-Risk clients’ financial protection—period. We’ll offer coverage on our own dime if it means giving our clients the best possible experience and results.

Before we created No-Risk PPC, we had no CPL guarantee in place. So when clients would see these $400+ numbers early in the campaigns, they’d and freak out and quit PPC altogether.

But now?

Now, you can relax. You will never pay a single, solitary cent over $200 per lead. EVER.

So… is the No-Risk PPC guarantee real?

Oh, it’s real. And it’s spectacular.


P.S. Things are already trending in the right direction for our Milwaukee window contractor. The CPL on their latest invoice (for leads between December 25th, 2017 and January 9th, 2018) was $210.57.

That’s a big improvement from the $416.13 just two weeks prior. And you can bet we’re burning the midnight oil and running overtime to get that lead cost down even lower. We’re confident we can get their CPL below $200 during the next two-week cycle. I’ll keep you updated.

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