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Refer Us To A Business Owner Who Loves More Leads

get more leads
Show me a business that doesn’t have power over the flow and quality of their leads, and I’ll show you a business owner who is stressed.


Because without controlling lead quantity, you’ve essentially turned your business over to luck. And if you believe luck is in the driver seat, you probably have more bad luck than good. Just saying.

If MYM is managing your PPC campaigns, you already know the solution. And you know we guarantee specific results or you don’t pay.

My question is: are you willing to help a fellow contractor business owner get the same thing?

Refer them to MYM and get a sweet bonus for yourself.

When they sign up to have MYM manage their PPC campaign, we’re going to manage YOUR PPC campaign for free for 3 months.

(You’ll still pay for the ads themselves, but the management will cost you nothing for 3 months.)

Email me and type “I have a referral for you. Please give me a call” and give us the best number to reach you. A member of my team will reach out to you.


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