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Tom Brady’s secret playbook to eternal success

The New England Patriots may have lost the Super Bowl. Philadelphia Eagles backup quarterback Nick Foles (who almost quit football a few years ago!) lit a fire under his own butt and decimated New England’s defense.

Foles may be the man of the hour. But let’s not kid ourselves… Tom Brady is still the Greatest Of All Time.

Sure. Brady lost this particular Super Bowl duel.

But he’s just been to a record-setting eighth Super Bowl.

He’s won a record-setting five Super Bowls.

And over the weekend, he collected his record-setting fourth MVP award.

The guy breaks records like it’s going out of style. And he’s still doing it at the ripe old age of 40.

Why is that a big deal?

In “ordinary” life, 40 might not be old.

In football years, it’s positively ancient.

By all accounts, Brady should be retired from football. He should have a cushy gig talking pigskin as an analyst for Fox Sports. And hosting Sunday-evening dinner parties with Gisele.

Instead, he’s on the field shredding secondaries, dropping dimes, and spitting in the face of Father Time.

Brady is not only playing at an elite level now. He says he plans to play like this until he’s in his mid-40s. And there’s no reason to doubt him.

Brady might seem like an anomaly. Like a freak of nature gifted with the world’s best genetics.

And maybe that’s true. But it’s not the only reason—or even the biggest reason—for his ridiculous achievements.

So… what is Brady’s secret playbook to unprecedented, seemingly everlasting, success? And can YOU use it for your business?

Yes, you can. And you don’t need to create the next “Spygate” controversy to get a peak at Brady’s playbook.

(Sorry. I had to throw a bone to Patriots haters this morning.)

Brady’s secret to sustained success isn’t so secret. You already know what it is if you’ve read the dozens of articles about Brady turning 40 this year.

So, here is the “secret”…

Brady makes decisions in the PRESENT that will set himself up for success in the FUTURE.

Doesn’t seem so amazing, right?

Sure. It’s not exactly groundbreaking. But it’s something that almost NO ONE does.

I’ll explain in more detail.

Brady makes ALL the right decisions for his specific situation. The types of decisions that set him up for sustained triumph well beyond the average span of football career. The types of decisions that have him vastly outperforming guys 15 years younger.

Here’s an example…

Brady knew the day would come when he’d turn 40. He understood that he wasn’t going to have the same arm strength, metabolism, and energy he did when he was 25. And he wasn’t going to be one of those guys who sit on their butts in front of a camera and just talk about football every Sunday.

So what did Brady do?

Well before he turned 40, he started to improve his diet to offset his slowing metabolism. He changed his workout routine. He modified his throwing stance to compensate for loss in throwing power. He started going to bed at 8:30pm to make sure he had plenty of energy for the next day.

In short, Brady looked to the future and determined what he had to do to keep the gravy train rolling. Then he went out and did everything necessary to ensure it happened.

If YOU want to ensure unparalleled long-term success, you have to do the same. Figure out EVERYTHING that will make your specific business consistently grow for the next 10, 20, and 30 years… and beyond.

Here are some ideas (don’t worry—they don’t involve a cleaner diet or going to bed at 8:30pm):

  • Get your name out there—and keep it out there. Use effective TV, radio, and mail advertising to get in front of people on a consistent basis. Doing so NOW will set you up beautifully for the future. You want to be the company people automatically remember when they think about their project. And the only way to do that is to remind people that you exist and are awesome.
    • If you need help creating effective TV and radio ads, I’ve written a bunch of articles about the topic. Visit the radio and television sections of the MYM blog.
  • Don’t forget about your past customers. Reach out to past customers to see how they are enjoying their project. Don’t try to sell them anything. Just give them a call and say, “Hi, Mrs. Smith. This is Tom from XYZ Remodeling. My company remodeled your kitchen two years ago. Don’t worry, this isn’t a sales call—I’m off the clock! I like to personally call my past customers to see how and if they are enjoying their project.” Calling past customers plants seeds for future business. The customer may have forgotten you existed. Giving them a call will refresh their memory and potentially lead to repeat business and referrals.
  • Treat your employees right. Happy employees make productive, loyal employees. They will help your business grow because THEY are invested in it not just financially, but also emotionally.
  • Invest in long-term marketing strategies RIGHT NOW. Go full-speed ahead with the marketing strategies that will consistently grow your company. These include a strong website, SEO, and PPC. Get in touch with us if you need help determining the best marketing plan for your specific business.

These are off the top of my head. If you’d like more info, consider a free lead-generation and marketing audit. We’ll put your internet marketing efforts under a microscope and analyze every nook and cranny. Then we’ll provide you with expert advice and recommendations for improvement and long-term success.



P.S. Look for a post where I’ll tell you why pay per click now a much better than SEO for getting remodeling leads. It has to do with Google’s priority shift from organic to paid search results. I’ll dish the details Thursday at 10:30am Central.


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