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Media buying is one of those things that business owners tend to THINK they can do well simply because… well, you just call the stations and negotiate the best prices. Right?


100 out of 100 contractors have under-leveraged media buys. Your excellent negotiation skills WILL NOT WORK when you do not understand the underlying language being used when speaking to media reps. Unless you are prepared to fluently discuss frequency, CPM, CPP, share, cume, AQH, and GIs, you’re going to be eaten alive. And that’s assuming you’re even negotiating with the appropriate stations/publications in the first place!

Put MYM’s vast media buying experience to work for your company. We’ve bought over $100 million in radio, TV, and newspaper on behalf of our clients, and almost ALWAYS find a way to make the buy far more efficient and effective than before. We meticulously research the market and individual stations… then negotiate rates that are always among the best for that station or publication. Our 15% media commission is a steal considering you’ll get 25% to 75% more bang for your buck when we do all the heavy lifting.

We can also write and produce powerful advertisements for you that will dramatically move your sales needle.

Case Studies

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Horizon Radio — Still Going Strong
Small Town Remodeler On The Radio
I Want To Punch Christine Cook
In The Face

Media Buying is done on a “standard media commission” basis, which is 15% of the total buy. All of the billing is handled through MYM. So for example, we purchase $10,000 of media on your behalf; the station invoices us for the NET amount of $8,500; we invoice you for the GROSS amount of $10,000. Our fee, then, is $1,500.

Advertisement writing and production is extra; prices to be discussed on a case-by-case basis.

For larger clients, we are willing to negotiate flat-rate monthly fees—generally when the total spend exceeds $75,000 per month. Ad writing (but not production) can also be negotiated to be included for larger clients. Capacity to handle larger clients is extremely limited; we cannot guarantee to take on all companies who wish to participate.

All media buying is done on a 1-year contract basis, with a minimum spend stipulated.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHY SHOULD I HIRE YOU INSTEAD OF JUST BUYING IT MYSELF? You are almost certainly not very good at it. That is true even for people who are really good at negotiating. Media buying requires a whole new vocabulary that you must be fluent in. The 15% that you are “saving” by doing it yourself (in-house agency) is going to be instantly wasted by buying schedules that are 25% to 200% less efficient than they should be. Media buying should ALWAYS be left to professionals. The money you’ll save working with us will always pay for our services—and then some! Return to the list.

YOU THINK YOU CAN DO A BETTER JOB THAN MY EXISTING AGENCY? Almost certainly. In fact, most of our clients were formerly with other agencies, oftentimes, very big agencies. We’re better because we take a very personalized approach to your media plan. We negotiate with individual reps (instead of regional or national ones), and squeeze them (in a nice way) for every last penny. We also understand buying strategies that are specific to the nuances of the remodeling industry. If you’re not sure, let us take a look at your current media plan—we’ll give you an honest opinion as to whether we can help you or not. Return to the list.

WE ALREADY HAVE RELATIONSHIPS WITH LOCAL STATIONS… DO WE NEED THIS? Yes. Unfortunately, as nice as some of those reps are (lunches, golf, tickets, etc.), they are probably not giving you even close to their best deal. We’ll come in as the “new sheriff in town” and get the rates down to where they should be. Return to the list.

WHAT ARE PAYMENT TERMS? We always require our clients to be the signer on the media accounts, which means you have the ultimate financial responsibility. We do not extend our credit as an agency on your behalf—we’ve been burned too many times before. All of the media invoicing is sent directly to us; we then invoice you once per month on Net 30 terms (assuming you have established credit with the station/publication). You pay us, then we pay the media partner. This process works for us and our clients to the tune of over $4 million a year in billings. Return to the list.

WHY IS THERE A CONTRACT? There is a tremendous amount of legwork that we must do UP FRONT to research the market and negotiated with the stations. It takes far more time than you can imagine—and it’s all done behind the scenes. We cannot risk working with clients who have us do all that work, then quit advertising within a few months of starting—we never recoup our costs. Clients who are not ready/willing to sign an annual contract are not ready to work with us. Return to the list.

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