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Search Engine Optimizaiton

If your company isn't appearing on the first page of Google's search results, you are LOSING SALES. Period. Let MYM help you appear on the first page results and capture more leads and sales. First, with our SEO Setup Package, we'll code your site and create the proper keywords to get you started down the path to search engine success. This package only includes the initial setup (not ongoing maintenance), but getting this step done RIGHT is absolutely crucial. This is not something you should attempt yourself. It should be left to professionals.

Once the initial setup has been done, you must implement an ongoing SEO-nurturing campaign to keep your website relevant in Google’s eyes. Our team of SEO experts will create blog entries, post customer reviews, create back-links to your site, and other SEO-enhancing activities. The end result: a website that consistently ranks high on Google and other search engines. Includes weekly reporting of activity, page ranking, and analytics. Prices vary depending on the level of service you need—larger markets and more competitors mean you need more activity. Discuss your needs with an MYM Representative to choose the correct package for your situation. See the PACKAGES Section below for details.

Yext Certified Partner

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SEO Setup

This is the “Nerd Coding” of your website that allows Google to know what is on your webpages, and includes the following for up to 50 pages:

  • Keyword research and Analysis
  • Doc type Analysis
  • Optimization of title tags of all important pages
  • Optimization of other meta tags (Description etc...)
  • Optimization of header tags H1, H2, and H3
  • Analysis of bold tag
  • Optimizing JavaScript and CSS codes
  • Optimization of non-index able attributes like Frames
  • Optimizing HTML Source Code
  • Image optimization
  • Hyperlink Optimization
  • Optimizing internal linking structure (Navigation)
  • Optimization of external Links
  • Broken links analysis & correction
  • W3c Validation (for home page)
  • Creation & Optimization of HTML Site Map
  • Creation, Optimization & Submission of Yahoo (TEXT) Site Map
  • Creation, Optimization & Submission of Google (XML) Site Map
  • Website architectural correction (if required)
  • Content Optimization (if required)
  • Canonicalization error correction
  • Blog Setup
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • COST: $2,000

SEO Monthly Maintenance

All SEO clients will receive weekly activity reports, ranking reports, and analytics reports. The chart below shows what is included in our SEO Services.

To qualify for Little SEO, you must meet the following criteria:

  • If you are in a market smaller than number 65, you automatically qualify for Little SEO. Check your market ranking here.
  • If you are in a top 65 market, you only qualify if: 1) you have been in business less than one year, or 2) your most recent year’s revenue was under $1 million. In these cases, you will only be allowed to remain on Little SEO for your first year with us, then you must upgrade.
  • We have a limited amount of Little SEO spots available; wait-listing may be required. Ask for current status.

Monthly Pricing

Component Each SEO Price LITTLE SEO Price
Standard Article w/ Image $45.00 6 $270 4 $180
Premium Article w/ Image $55.00 5 $270 2 $110
Premium Social Posts (For Facebook) $10.00 10 $100 4 $40
Micro-Social Posts (140 Characters for Twitter) $7.50 10 $75 48 $30
Geo-Targeted Page (400-450 words) $60.00 6 $360 3 $180
Case Study (300-350 words) $60.00 3 $180 1 $60
Video Script Varies by length 250 words $70 120 words $40
Video Production (100-120 words) Varies by length 90 seconds $160 60 seconds $100
Video Optimization for YouTube (annotations, subtitles, descriptions) $50 1 $50 1 $50
Keywords $7.50 40 $300 30 $225
Technical SEO Audit and Maintenance (Monthly) $250 1 $250 1 $250
Backlink Audit and Link Disavow (Monthly) $200 1 $200 1 $200
Business Listing Creation and Syndication (75+ websites) $150 1 $150 1 $150
Total Value $2,440 $1,665
Package Price Per Month $1,999* $1,299*
Month-To-Month Price $2,440* $1,599*
12-Month Contract Price $1,999 $1,299
30-Month Bundle Price $1,799 $1,099

* A $2,000 set-up fee is required for MYM clients, but will be waived for 12-month or 30-month clients.

*Actual deliverables may vary and may be subject to substitution when deemed appropriate by Monopolize Your Marketplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

WHY SHOULD I DO SEO? People that are looking to buy RIGHT NOW are often searching for a provider on Google (or other search engines). If your website does not appear on the first page of Google’s rankings for the keywords being searched, prospects won’t even know you are an option. You’ll be completely invisible, as if your company does not exist. We have reached a point in the evolution of the internet that participating in SEO isn’t optional anymore. Not doing SEO is suicidal. Return to the list.

WHAT MAKES YOU ANY BETTER AT SEO THAN OTHERS? IT HAS NEVER WORKED FOR US BEFORE… We actually tell you exactly what we are going to do, then we do it, then we report to show you proof that we actually did it. That might sound academic, but most SEO providers simply ask you to “take their word” that they are “doing stuff.” Our approach is 100% transparency—you will always know what’s happening, when it’s happening, and how well it’s working. We have a dedicated SEO team that manage different aspects of the content creation and posting—content managers, content writers, social media experts, coders, videographers, and more.

The other thing to consider is that we are both MARKETING experts and REMODELING experts. We understand how to create content that satisfies both the search engine’s requirements AND actual human beings. Not 1 company out of 100 that provides SEO services can make that claim. That means content that actually works to get you first page rankings. Return to the list.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO WORK? You should start to see ranking improvement within the first month, and should be able to achieve first page ranking for all important keywords within 6 to 12 months. It takes longer and more effort in cases where many entrenched competitors have been actively engaged in SEO campaigns for several years. In these cases, we may recommend even more activity on a case-by-case basis.

Consider this: When your new MYM website launches, it will contain about 35 pages. We will then continuously add 12 to 15 pages a month—for as long as you remain an active client. That’s about 150 pages a year. Within 5 years, your website will have about 800 pages of rich and varied content… which would be enough to compete with any of your well-entrenched competitors. Return to the list.

WHICH PACKAGE SHOULD I BUY? We do not allow clients to purchase our Little SEO service unless they are in one of three circumstances. First, companies that are in small markets probably do not need a full dose of SEO to get the job done. This, of course, will vary from market to market depending on how many competitors you have and how active they are with SEO. Your company qualifies for consideration if you are in a market smaller than #65 on this list. If you are in a larger market, we will provide Little SEO service only if you are a new company (under one year in business), or if you are doing less than $1 million in sales. In these cases, we will only offer Little SEO service for one year, then you must upgrade. Please note that we have a very limited number of Little SEO slots available, and they may be full at any given time, in which case we will wait-list your company. The reason is Little SEO takes as much time for us to MANAGE (not create content, but actually manage), and we simply cannot afford to have many of our clients on this service. We do it as a courtesy for a few smaller companies only. To see long-term lasting results, you need to be on our regular SEO service.

CAN I EXPECT TO GET ACTUAL LEADS? Absolutely! There are REAL people out there searching for remodelers in your area. When they find you through a search engine, and you have a strong, SEO-based website, you will get leads. Return to the list.

WHAT IF I HAVE MY OWN BLOG? Our Packages all include us writing blog content for you. If you would like to create content and add your own blog postings, we will coordinate with you to do so. Return to the list.

HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO DO SEO FOR? Forever. Literally. That’s not the answer you necessarily want to hear, but it’s the truth. As soon as you stop adding fresh, relevant content, Google’s algorithms will start working against you and in favor of websites that continue to publish. You should categorize your monthly SEO spending the same way you do other costs in your business, like insurance and vehicles. The difference is that SEO will soon become an income PRODUCING activity, not just a cost. Return to the list.

DO YOU GUARANTEE YOUR RESULTS? We do not. There are many, many factors that can influence Google’s ranking of a website that we do not control. We keep abreast of the latest Google changes and updates, and adapt accordingly. We absolutely guarantee that we will deliver the agreed upon amount of content and effort, and provide weekly reports to verify it. Return to the list.

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