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Redneck Drives A Duct Tape Car Off A Cliff

Here’s a world-class marketing lesson that involves rednecks, puppies, and toilet humor.

(You know… the usual.)

Last week, I came across this ad for a product called FiberFix. Basically, it’s a stronger version of duct tape made with a fiberglass material.

This ad has only been online for two weeks, but it already has 1.5 million views. It’s “gone viral,” as the kids say.

Let me tell you why this ad is brilliant, even though it seems like the dumbest thing to ever grace this green earth.

Tape—whether duct, electrical, or Scotch—is one of the most unsexy products on the market.

Seriously, when does tape ever enter your mind, aside from Christmas or when you’re moving?

This FiberFix ad not only gets you thinking about tape, but it also makes tape cool.

Yes. Tape. Cool.

Take a look at some of the comments on the video:

  • “Commercials usually have the opposite effect for me. They make me want to not buy a product. But after seeing this masterpiece, I want to buy all the FiberFix. Not a lot of FiberFix. All the FiberFix.”
  • “This is the best commercial I have ever seen. If commercials were more like this, I would actually enjoy them.”
  • “Is this really an ad? Well, I like it and it’s funny. I’d buy the product because the advertisement won me over.”

When is the last time you heard people say good things about a commercial? The fact that the ad makes people excited to buy tape (TAPE!!!) shows you just how powerful a well-crafted marketing message can be.

Another thing to note is that ad is also slyly loaded with product benefits. Wedged between all the fart jokes and “manliness,” the commercial sneaks in that FiberFix is…

  • Made with fiberglass
  • 100x stronger than duct tape
  • As strong as steel
  • Works on everything from busted water pipes to broken mufflers
  • Can withstand temperatures up to 850°F

Imagine how much of a snoozefest this ad could have been. The ad creators could’ve gone the lazy, clichéd route and had some soulless schmuck with a monotone Ben Stein voice droning on about the properties of fiberglass. Then they’d throw in a few lame customer testimonials and end it with a “special offer.”


This goes to show that it’s not just what you have to say, but HOW you say it.

Here’s what I mean. Let’s say you’re a contractor who takes your time to ensure a project is done right (probably not a stretch, right?).
You could say the same old boring gobbledygook 99% of contractors say: “We provide quality workmanship.” “We are experienced craftsmen.” “We ensure your satisfaction.”

Or, you could say this:
MYM Email - 42_1

It’s the same overall message. But while the first way packs the power of a 98-pound nerd, the second hits the reader in the face with the force of The Hulk in full-on rage mode.

The takeaway: You can shape a strong marketing message a million different ways. The important thing to remember is to ENTERTAIN YOUR AUDIENCE.

Even if that means creating an ad where a redneck drives a duct tape car off a cliff.


P.S. Here’s the FiberFix commercial. It’s almost five minutes long, but it’s worth the watch. Even if you aren’t a big fan of “college humor” (I’m not), the ad can teach you a ton about crafting an entertaining message that’s on target. The particular agency that made this commercial constantly creates ads in this style, and they’ve skyrocketed sales for a lot of their clients.

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Custom 19-Page Deep Analysis Report Will Reveal Hidden Cracks In Your SEO Plan

If you regularly read these emails, you probably noticed I end many of them by telling you to take advantage of MYM’s free Lead Generation Audit.

I do this for a few reasons.

First, it’s a way of saying “thanks” for being an email subscriber. Second, I like to show potential clients we mean serious business.

I’ll explain. Our Lead Generation Audit provides a comprehensive analysis of your entire internet marketing plan. Website, SEO, PPC, copy, online reputation… the works.

If there’s a stone to unturn in your internet marketing, we unturn it. Then we put it under the MYM microscope and provide you with incredibly detailed analyses of our findings.

Here’s an example: Included in the audit is an SEO report that’s a whopping 19 pages. It covers the complete gamut of your SEO plan and provides data on things you likely have no idea are affecting your rankings. (For example, did you know Google penalizes websites that load too slowly?)

Let me show you a small sample of what’s in this tome of an SEO report:

Overall Website SEO Score

MYM Email - 41_1

Keyword Ranking

MYM Email - 41_2-2

Technical SEO Issues Summary

MYM Email - 41_3

Mobile Page Speed Report

MYM Email - 41_4
As you can see, there’s enough detail on these four pages to make your head spin faster than a merry-go-round pushed by The Flash on steroids.

And here’s the thing. I didn’t even show you the sections that cover Meta Title/Description Issues, Image Issues, and Desktop Page Speed. The images above are only about 15% of what’s in the report.

This is why one of our SEO experts hops on the phone with you to review every page and break down all the technical mumbo jumbo. You’ll have a crystal-clear picture of what’s going right with your SEO, what’s going wrong, and exactly what you need to do to fix your issues.

The amount of work and research required for us to generate such a detailed SEO report costs us $1,000. But we provide it to you for a sum total of $0.00—with ZERO poking, prodding, and pressure to do business with us afterward.

Why do we provide a freebie that costs us a thousand bucks a pop?

It’s simple—I despise sales pressure.

MYM is the type of marketing company that looks for enthusiastic long-term growth partners. Twisting someone’s arm until they submit to signing on the dotted line is a horrible way to start a partnership. We want your business only if YOU want our business.

So if you’re interested in having MYM helm your SEO after we provide your report, that’s great. If not, that’s okay too. Feel free to go on your merry way. The choice is yours.

The only BAD choice is not getting the audit at all. SEO is all but mandatory for effectively marketing yourself online. It’s vital for you to know how you stack up to your Google competition.

Click on our Lead Generation Audit page for more details about the audit and instructions on how to get started.



P.S. In addition to an exhaustive SEO report, our Lead Generation Audit also provides you with an Identity Discovery Session and Website Conversion Audit. You’ll walk away with a COMPLETE “State Of The Union” regarding your online marketing.

If you want the $3,500 worth of invaluable marketing insight our Lead Generation Audit provides, click here.



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Airing Out MYM’s Dirty Laundry

(Why We Now Have A 100-Client Limit)

Let me tell you the story of why, up until about a year-and-a-half ago, some contractors wanted to put a power drill to my head.

In 2011, MYM transitioned from a marketing training company to a marketing services company. And though our company radically changed, our mindset didn’t.

I’ll explain.

When you’re providing training, the number of customers you have doesn’t really matter. You can hold a training webinar with 700 people just as easily as you can with 7 people. We could handle a limitless number of customers with a bare-bones staff, which is what we did.

In what I can only crudely describe as a total “brain fart,” we retained that same philosophy when we shifted to service fulfillment.

Providing training and providing services? Turns out, they are two completely different animals. (Who would have thought?)

Long story short: When we began building websites, creating advertising, and doing SEO/PPC for contractors, we ended up taking on way more clients than we could handle. As a result, stuff sometimes fell through the cracks, things occasionally didn’t get done, and a few clients got angry.

Don’t get me wrong. Our service wasn’t Wal-Mart levels of terrible; we were about in line with the average marketing company. But if you’ve dealt with the average marketing company, you know that’s not saying much.

So in June of 2015, I put a complete halt on new-client acquisitions. Our executive team sat down over a three-week period to drill down not only how to fix our customer service issues, but become the paragon company of the marketing industry.

Here are the changes we decided on to make that happen:

  1. Enforce a strict 100-client limit for SEO and PPC.
  2. Part ways with clients who were not a good fit for our new company culture.
  3. Overhaul our internal operations to ensure NOTHING ever slips through the cracks.
  4.  Emphasize proactive high-touch personal service, total transparency, and client communication.
  5. Update our service offerings to provide absolutely everything our clients need to dominate their market.

We spent about six months implementing these adjustments. And let me tell you, the difference has been unbelievable.

We haven’t just fixed our old issues—we’ve radically improved our operations across the board. Our client communication is phenomenal. Our service is extraordinary. Our reporting procedures are unrivaled. And the quality of our work has increased tenfold.

This isn’t me patting myself on the back. Ask any of our clients, and they’ll say the same thing.

Now that we’ve revamped our operations, we’re not accepting just “new clients”—we’re looking for long-term growth partners. That means companies that share our values and are committed to continual growth.

Specifically, we’re looking for companies that promise the following:

  •  Upstanding, ethical business practices
  •  Firm grasp of MYM principles and methods
  •  Willing and able to grow your business
  •  Use MYM for services offered, when possible
  •  Responsive to MYM requests
  •  Provide MYM with constructive feedback
  •  Prompt payment without exception

If you fit the bill for an MYM client, here’s what WE promise YOU:

  •  Maximum of 100 clients for SEO & PPC
  •  Proactive communication
  •  Automatic weekly detailed reports
  • Transparency: If we ever mess up, we’ll let you know!
  •  Prompt and fair dispute resolution
  •  “Whatever it takes” attitude
  •  200% effort to provide absolutely stellar work

Bottom Line: We insist on being the #1 marketing company, and we insist on making all of our clients #1 in their respective marketplaces. And the best way to do that is by working with a small, exclusive group of companies with the same starry-eyed dreams of long-term growth and success that we have.

With that in mind, we currently have a few spots open on our client list. If you’re the kind of company I described above, drop us a line to see if you and MYM would make a good fit.

Thanks for letting me air out some dirty MYM laundry,


P.S. One of the ways we’ve drastically improved is in our reporting. That’s why I always harp on you to take advantage of our free Lead Generation Audit. The level of detail in this report we provide you will blow your mind and show you things about your SEO, PPC, and website marketing that you have NO clue about.

In the next email, I’ll show you an example of the SEO report that’s included in the audit, so you can witness firsthand the insane amount of detail we provide for the sum total of $0.00



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