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Clock’s Ticking On MYM’s Awesome Contractor-Referral Giveaway

prospects take action now

It’s Monday, April 24th, 11:31 am Eastern Time.

The deadline for submitting referrals to MYM’s Awesome Contractor Referral Giveaway is Sunday, April 30th at 11:59 pm Eastern.

If you opened this email the second it hit your inbox, you have exactly 156 hours and 28 minutes to get your referrals in.

But since you’re busy, you know, running your business, you’re probably reading this at LEAST a few hours later. So you have even less time.

As someone who works for or owns a business, you should know why I’m making the timeframe for the giveaway ultra small. It’s a marketing tactic you use all the time to entice your own customers and prospects to take immediate action…


Simply put, scarcity works. It’s one of the six persuasion principles in Robert Cialdini’s immensely famous book, Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion.

Scarcity is effective because people are deathly afraid of losing out on something they want. By compounding that fear of loss into a limited timeframe, you get the person to take action.

Think about it…

You run promotions and sales for limited times not just because it would eat away at your margins if you had them going 24/7/365. You also do it because people are more likely to respond if they understand they can miss out if they wait too long.

If you don’t put a deadline on a special or giveaway or whatever, people get lethargic. Lazy. Lackadaisical. And they won’t act because they’ll think, “Well, I can do this anytime. What’s the rush?”

Then they usually forget. And that’s bad for both you and them.

So enter MYM’s Awesome Contractor Referral Giveaway now before you forget. Because the second this giveaway is over, it’s OVER.

You now have 156 hours and 24 minutes.  time is running out smile

Get moving!

I’ll reveal one of our most recently launched client websites. The copy is unlike anything you’ve ever read on a contractor’s website… and that’s a good thing. Stay tuned.



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