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Breaking Through Bad Contractor Stereotypes

bad contractor stereotype
So, Citibank released a commercial last month that reinforces a ton of negative contractor stereotypes.

Take a look:

bad contractor citibank commercial

I’ll admit, it’s pretty funny. And, if I’m being honest, it’s kind of true when you consider the average contractor.

Budget overruns, unexpected project delays, poor communication, clueless “craftsmen”… this is common stuff in the home improvement industry.

And it’s why consumers always rank contractors near the top of the Better Business Bureau’s most-complained-about list every year, without fail.

That’s unfortunate, because the common contractor stereotypes take a toll on the guys who are truly good at what they do, have their customers’ best interests at heart, and strive to be honest and upfront with homeowners.

You, for example.

You’re on this email list because you want to learn how to market your company as one that can REALLY help homeowners.

But how can you possibly do that when nationally televised commercials are broadcasting how contractors are boobs on every boob tube in America?

It’s simple.

To bust through the negative contractor stereotypes—and leave every single one of them in the dust—you MUST communicate your company Identity in your marketing using the three Ps: Power. Passion. Precision.

Here’s what that means…

Power: Bold language that immediately grabs people, commands their attention, and glues them to every word you write.

Passion: Avid enthusiasm that shines through in your message. Communicate your passion, and people will instinctively set you apart from the industry bums.

Precision: What, specifically, you do better… and exactly how you do it better.

Feast your eyes on MYM client Upscale Remodeling’s website for an example of the three P’s in action. Every single page of the site oozes power, passion, and precision.

And it’s like this in every one of their marketing pieces.

Negative contractor stereotypes: Shattered.

If your marketing doesn’t utilize the three Ps, prospects have no reason to believe you’re any better than the crappy contractors Citibank makes fun of in their commercial.

You have to fight—and fight hard—to make people see you’re different from the typical schlubs that plague the industry.

The good news is that you don’t have to fight alone… or at all.

At MYM, contractor marketing is all we do.

We know exactly what marketing methods work for interior and exterior contractors. And our track record proves it.

When you partner with us, we can provide you with a complete package of marketing solutions: Company Identity, website, SEO, TV, radio, PPC, home show materials, direct mail… everything you could ever possibly need for your marketing.

And we always, Always, ALWAYS, revolve your brand around the three P’s. It’s the only way to cut through all of the bad stuff people automatically assume about you as a contractor.

Give us a call. We’ll ensure your prospects see you the way you truly are—hardworking, honest, smart, skilled—and deliver droves of cash-in-hand leads to your doorstep.

Discover more about how we can create a powerful Identity for you.

P.S. Citibank isn’t in much of a position to poke fun at others. Google “Citibank Yelp” and look at all of the one- and two-star reviews. Joke’s on them!

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