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Here’s a New Client Website I’d Like You to See

concrete leveling in Denver

I’d like you to take a look at one of our recently launched client websites. It’s for a concrete leveling company in Denver, Colorado.

Before I give you the link, I’d like to tell you a few things we did with this website. It’s a bit different than our other websites, and I believe some of the features are worth noting before you go exploring.

  • Instead of a static image for the header, we inserted the client’s existing video of tradesmen leveling concrete. This is an awesome way to grab attention.
  • The “How Concrete Leveling Works” section of the homepage distills the benefits of concrete leveling into easily digestible numbers. The reader immediately understands the advantages of the service.
  • A powerful Identity is present throughout the website. It conveys why concrete leveling is better than other solutions, AND why the client is the best choice for concrete leveling in the area. Two birds; one stone.

Here’s the link:

If you need help with your internet marketing, get in touch. Pick up the phone and call (817) 416-4333, or use the chat function to talk to someone right now.


P.S. Don’t forget… MYM just launched a groundbreaking PPC program called No-Risk PPC Lead Generation.

To recap:

  • You pick the amount of leads—no budgeting necessary.
  • You pay for the leads only AFTER we supply them.
  • Your cost per lead will NEVER exceed $200. Ever.

For all the details, email the PPC Team, or head on over to our No Risk PPC information page.

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How PPC Can Finance the Growth of Your Company

ppc can finance your company growth

In my last post, I mentioned that it’s possible for No-Risk PPC Lead Generation to finance the growth of your company.

In a nutshell…

You start with a certain amount of leads—however many you want. You make sales off those leads and put a portion of that money back into your PPC campaign. Every month, you increase the number of leads, and therefore increase your sales.

Wash. Rinse. Repeat. To infinity… and beyond.
buzz lightyear - to infinity and beyond with ppc

Buzz Lightyear approves.

Now, let’s break down the actual numbers.

Say you’re a contractor that wants to start with 60 PPC leads and steadily increase that number every month. Here’s how that would go…

Month 1:

  • 60 leads x $200 per lead = $12,000.
    • Note: $200 per lead is the MAXIMUM you will spend. But we’ll go with it for this first month.
  • Out of those 60 leads, let’s say you close 25%. That’s 15 sales.
  • Your average sale is $10,000. Fifteen sales times $10,000 is $150,000.
  • Result: You invest $12,000 and sell $150,000. (ROI = 1,150%)
  • If your gross margins are 50%, that means you make $75,000 in gross profit; subtracting out lead costs and sales commissions should still NET you $25k to $40k.
  • Invest SOME of those profits into more leads (and possibly more infrastructure to handle more leads) the next month…

Month 2 (your campaign is more optimized, so your cost per lead is lower):

  •  100 leads x $170 per lead = $17,000.
  • Out of those 100 leads, you close 25%. That’s 25 sales.
  • Twenty-five sales times $10,000 is $250,000.
  • Result: You invest $17,000 and make $250,000. (ROI = 1,370.59%)
  • Keep going! Ramp it up even more!

Month 3 (your cost per lead is now even LESS):

  •  160 leads x $140 per lead = $21,000.
  • Out of those 160 leads, you close 25%. That’s 40 sales.
  • Forty sales times $10,000 is $400,000.
  • Result: You invest $21,000 and make $400,000. (ROI = 1,804.59%)
  • Boom. Once that snowball starts rolling downhill, it keeps gaining steam and getting bigger.

You might be saying, “But Rich, my close rates aren’t that high.” Or, “But Rich, my average sale is $8K, not $10K.

Doesn’t matter. Just adjust the numbers. Start with a smaller number of leads. Then work your way up.

I’ll do a more conservative example to prove it still works…

Month 1:

  • 30 leads per month x $200 per lead = $6,000.
  • Out of those 30 leads, you close 15%. That’s “4.5” sales. But let’s round down to 4 sales in keeping with our “conservative” approach to the numbers.
  • At an $8,000 sales average, that comes to $32,000.
  • Result: You invest $6,000 and make $32,000. (ROI = 433.33%)

Then follow the steps in the first set of examples above for months two, three, and beyond.

If you want to know how many PPC leads are available in your market, email us at

We’ll run the numbers to give you a solid idea of how many leads you can get per month. We’ll also help you determine the optimal number of leads at which to start, so you can build your way up comfortably… and profitably.


P.S. Want to run your own numbers? Visit the No-Risk PPC Lead Generation page. A little more than halfway down the page is a sales calculator. Input your numbers to instantly generate your estimated sales with No-Risk PPC.

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The Question the Smartest Remodelers Ask About PPC Advertising

The Question the Smartest Remodelers Ask About PPC Advertising

You’ve been hearing me talk about No-Risk PPC Lead Generation a lot.

As a result, I’ve received a ton of questions like…

  • “Is it really risk free?”
  • “What is the lead quality?”
  • “Is there a commitment?”

I covered those questions last week.  You can also read some more PPC questions + answers on the No-Risk PPC Lead Generation page, or by emailing us at

But a few smart remodelers have asked me the one question that shows they really “get it.”

That question is…

“What Is The Maximum Number Of Leads Can You Get Me?”

Now THIS is a great question.

Think about it.

If I can really get you high-quality leads (not clicks, but LEADS) with an absolute guaranteed max cost of $200 (most clients come in between $120 and $165)… why on Earth you would NOT want every single lead I could possibly get for you?

One smart window company in Pennsylvania called me and said, “I’ll start with 100 a month, then up it as many as you can deliver starting in January.”

Another intrepid remodeler in Milwaukee simply said, “I’ll take 1,000 a month if you can generate them—but it will take me a few weeks to up my capacity to handle them all.”

(I love the Milwaukee remodeler’s spirit, but we can’t deliver THAT many leads in the Milwaukee area, lol.  We estimate 130 to 180 per month for that market.)

And why not dream big? No-Risk PPC Lead Generation is the easiest and most cost-effective way to generate leads and spike sales.

Case in point…

One of our clients spends $70,000 a month on PPC. He just sold his company to a private equity firm for MEGA bucks.

Another one of our clients averages $230,000 a month on PPC. Yes, two-hundred and thirty thousand dollars a month. They just sold to a different private equity firm for MEGA-ER bucks.

Yes, your company may be smaller, and unable to the amount of leads these guys can.

But for crying out loud… some people have asked me the MINIMUM number of leads No-Risk PPC can generate.

Honestly, I don’t get it.

Why would you want the minimum?

(I know, I know… smaller company, capacity, and so on. But still!)

Anyway, if you want the largest number of leads you can possibly handle, let’s talk. Shoot an email to or visit the No Risk PPC Lead Generation page and fill out the contact form.


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Kick-butt Upgrades We Just Performed on This Contractor’s Website (update)

a big seo upgrade announcement buble

In April, I told you about a new website we launched for Zen Windows Des Moines.

They are a newer company that started toward the end of 2016. Prior to working with MYM, they had no website. Their online presence consisted of a single biography page on the Zen Windows corporate website.

Since we the site launched the site in April 2017, we’ve been busy adding upgrades to make it even better.

Here’s a look at some of the new features we’ve added:

1.  A slick chat box prompt that instantly captures your eye and moves down the page as you scroll.


2.  An awesome animated video near the middle of the page that encapsulates the client’s Identity.


3.  A succinct Why Choose Zen Windows section that distills the company’s Identity into easy-to-digest bullets.

4.  A free guide (one that actually delivers value) to capture lead information.


I’ll keep you updated on Zen Windows Des Moines’ progress in a future email. For now, visit the MYM website if you need help producing marketing that gets results:


P.S. Take a look at your website address real quick. Does it start with “http” or “https”? If it’s “http,” your website is vulnerable to hackers. Here’s why you need to move your website from http to https NOW.

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