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That’s the number of reviews posted per minute to one of the major online review websites.

Not per week.

Not per day.

Not per hour.


And this is just ONE review website; consumers are leaving thousands of reviews on the 170+ other review websites every minute of every day, too. Who knows how giant the actual number of online reviews posted per minute is across all sites.

The point?

The internet is THE information superhighway, and online reviews fly fast and furious. You’re dead meat you’re not constantly up to date on your online reputation.

If you think I’m joking, consider this…

92% of consumers now read online reviews. And just one to three bad online reviews is enough to deter 67% of those consumers from doing business with a company.

I’m no math whiz, but even I can see how these numbers can completely destroy a company with bad online reviews.

And the worst part is that if you don’t constantly monitor your online reputation, you’ll never know why your sales are tanking, why your appointment book is empty, and why all the leads have dried up.

This is where MYM Online Reputation Management (ORM) swoops in to save the day.

When you utilize our ORM services, we provide you with in-depth weekly reporting covering every single detail of your online reputation.

You’ll know where your online reviews are coming from, your average score, changes to your overall rating, and a whole lot more.

Here’s a look at some of the details in our weekly report:

Reputation Overview

 Reputation Overview

Review Volume And Distribution

 Review Volume And Distribution

Listings Strength
New Reviews

 New Reviews

Total New Reviews
And we don’t just keep our finger on the pulse of your online reputation. We actively bolster it by generating more positive reviews for your company… and potentially preventing negative reviews from ever being posted.

Our ORM leads your customers through a highly effective review funnel, sifting the good reviews from the bad.

The good reviews get posted online; the bad reviews are sent to you, so you have the opportunity to address the unsatisfied customer’s problem BEFORE they submit their review to a third-party review website.

Bottom Line: You could be hemorrhaging thousands of dollars—per day!—if you’re not up to date on your online reputation. (Remember, just one bad review can influence over two-thirds of people considering you.)

With MYM ORM, you get deep insights into your online reputation on a weekly basis. So you not only stop “bleeding green,” you also make more green. MUCH, MUCH more.

Visit our ORM webpage to find out more and get in touch with us about getting set up with our Online Reputation Management.

Be sure to use the free Review Scanner for an instant snapshot of your online reputation’s health.

P.S. You demand to be kept in the loop in every other part of your business—sales, lead flow, budget, production, scheduling, etc.—right? So why neglect your online reputation, which is one of THE most vital factors of your business’s lead generation and revenue?

P.P.S. Next post, I’ll tell you whether buying unsold ad space at a discounted price is ACTUALLY worth it… or whether you’d be better off throwing your money in a pile and lighting it on fire.




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