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How We Handled A Recent Screw Up with A New Contractor Website


Oops - We Made a Mistake

So a few weeks ago, we were finishing up a new contractor website.

Before we launch a website, our SEO department runs an automated audit of over 300 items SEO-related items (keyword density, meta coding, etc.). This ensures every piece of the SEO puzzle is there and nothing has slipped through the cracks.

If the audit comes back with a “warning,” it means we missed something, and we MUST fix it before launching the website.

Typically when we run the SEO audit, we either get just a handful of warnings or none at all. So we were confident that everything was going to be hunky dory to take the website live the next day.

Here’s how that process went:

  1. We ran the SEO audit.
  2. We awaited the results, so we could fix any last-minute issues and launch the site the following day.
  3. We received the results.
  4. We had a collective heart attack.

SEO Audit Result: 450 Warnings.

Our SEO Team Failed

This is the part of the episode where Scooby-Doo says, “Ruh-roh.”

Somehow, we forgot to implement the metadata for 450 images on this client’s website (a really important “behind-the-scenes” SEO step). This is usually either already done or almost done by the time the website is ready to launch.

Sure, our SEO audit catches anything that slips through the cracks. But this was less of a “slip in the crack” and more of an “8,000-foot plunge into the Grand Canyon.”

Image metadata takes us 7-10 days to complete. And the website absolutely HAD to launch the next day.

Long story short…

We had to condense 56 to 80 hours worth of work into 14 hours.

To make matters worse, you can’t automate quality image tags. Every single tag must be MANUALLY written. That leaves a TON of room for spelling errors, punctuation errors, and duplicate tags.

The image metadata process goes like this:

  1. Analyze images
  2. Write tags
  3. Edit tags the 1st time
  4. Edit tags a 2nd time
  5. Implement tags
  6. Final tag edits

After our SEO team recovered from their initial panic attacks, they regrouped, got down to business, and pulled an all-nighter. The Diet Coke and coffee flowed freely.

Fast-forward 10 hours.

The rooster crowed to signal the morning.

The sun was just starting to peak over the horizon.

And our red-eyed, sleep-deprived SEO team had created and implemented all 450 image tags.

Not only that, but they did it near perfectly.

For typical website projects, our SEO team makes modifications to 30% to 50% of image metadata code during the editing phase.

When they finished implementing the 450 image tags for this website, they achieved an error rate of less than 10%. That’s like LeBron scoring 50 points on 90% shooting.

The result of the MYM SEO team’s Herculean effort?

The contractor’s website launched on time… and our SEO team took a long, well-deserved nap.

Here’s the thing…

These kinds of rush jobs are NOT standard practice at MYM.

But if an unexpected fire is raging, we’re equipped to go “all hands on deck” to put it out… quickly and for good.

It all comes down to having the proper processes in place (like our SEO audit) and people who are passionate about their clients’ success.

When you have a marketing company like that in your corner, the sky is the limit for your success.

Head on over here to learn more about our SEO services and see a comprehensive list of behind-the-scenes “nerd stuff” that goes into every contractor’s website. You’ll be surprised at how involved it is.

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P.S. Prior to this post, you may not have realized the importance of coding image tags. To see if the image tags on your website are “up to snuff”—along with the rest of your SEO and online marketing efforts—take advantage of our Lead Generation Audit. You’ll get an exhaustive analysis of your internet marketing efforts, along with how to improve the areas in which you’re lacking.


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