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You’re Rich And Famous… Now What?

rich and famous... now what
Since we are finishing up the season of giving (but this could be all year long), I want you to think about something.

Something BIG.

Something more important than work.

(Yes, really.)

Here it is…

You can work for yourself, achieve personal goals, and reach your own personal benchmark for success.

But there will come a time when your personal success is no longer enough.

Then, what’s your plan?

For Service Champions, a 30+MM a year HVAC company, the next step is helping others.

A lot.

So much so the company has created the “Good Deeds For Free” program.

Here’s a look at one of their recent Good Deeds—anonymously mailing money to those in need:

good deeds - service champions give back
Here’s another, in which they help out and donate to a German Shepherd rescue shelter:

good deeds in the community - service champions and german shepherd rescue
And my personal favorite, where they secretly pin money to unaware people on the boardwalk:

good deeds - service champions clothes pinning money
I’m not showing you these just for the warm, gooey feelings they give your insides just before the holidays.

I want you to think about what YOU are going to do once you’ve achieved your personal goals for success.

For many people, “paying it forward” is the next step.

Wanting to help others is human nature. And making that happen comes in many forms.

It could be donating to charity. Holding a fundraiser for community schools. Volunteering at the local soup kitchen. Pinning a $20 bill to a stranger’s back.

It could be a thousand and one different things.

Whatever way we choose to give back, one thing is certain: It makes us feel complete. Like we’ve fulfilled our purpose as people.

So when the time comes (and it will come), what will YOU choose to do?


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