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Contractors: Climb Mount Google With These Bite-Size Whiteboard Videos

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We’re constantly honing and upgrading our SEO efforts to improve our clients’ search rankings.

One of our newest SEO developments is that we now include whiteboard video creation in our SEO package.

Every month, our SEO clients receive one fully produced, fully SEO-optimized 30- to 60-second video.

These videos used to be primarily “talking head videos” (someone looking at and talking into the camera).

But now, we’re also offering our clients the choice between a talking-head video OR a gorgeous 30-second whiteboard video each month.

We’ve offered whiteboard explainer videos as a standalone service for about two years. They are up to three minutes long and encapsulate a client’s Identity with an engaging script and beautiful hand-drawn animation.

Our whiteboard explainer videos became such a hit with our clients—and provided such a big jolt to search rankings—that we just HAD to create a more concise version we could offer to our clients as part of their monthly SEO subscription.

Here’s an example of a whiteboard video our SEO clients can now get each month:

whiteboard videos
We haven’t included these videos in our SEO package just because they look cool. We’ve done it because videos (especially whiteboard videos) provide a number of benefits:

  • They captivate prospects’ attention and keep their eyes glued to your website for a longer period of time.
  • They reduce your website’s bounce rate (very helpful for SEO).
  • They relay information in a way that’s easy for your prospects to understand (the visuals help this greatly).
  • Studies show that people are better able to remember what’s in a whiteboard video as opposed to a “talking head” video (i.e., someone looking into the camera and reading from a script).
  • Studies also show that videos in general are 53 times more likely to rank on Google’s first page.

Bottom line: Whiteboard videos are great for both SEO and increased prospect engagement.

We really had no choice BUT to include them as part of our SEO package.

Another cool thing about our SEO whiteboard videos: We’ve made the video-creation process ridiculously easy on our clients’ end.

Clients fill out a quick 10-minute online questionnaire each month. We use the info they provide to create high-quality, SEO-optimized whiteboard videos that go on their websites and YouTube channels.

It’s that simple.

If you want more info about our SEO whiteboard videos, reach out to us at (817) 416-4333 or start a chat with one of our customer engagement representatives live on our website. Our whiteboard-video creation is so hot-off-the-presses new to our SEO package, it’s not included on our official SEO services page yet.

(This makes you one of the first people to know about it.)

If you’d like more information about our stand-alone whiteboard video services, however, visit our Explainer Video page. You can see pricing details, get answers to your questions, and peruse a whole bunch of samples.


P.S. To recap: What’s the difference between MYM’s stand-alone whiteboard videos and the whiteboard videos that are included in our SEO package?

Big Difference One is our stand-alone videos are up to three minutes long, while the SEO videos are about 30 seconds long. This is because the main function of each type of video is different. Our SEO whiteboard videos are primarily meant to improve your search rankings, while our stand-alone whiteboard videos intended to showcase your Identity.

Big Difference Two is that the stand-alone whiteboard videos are just that—you get the one video. The whiteboard videos in our SEO package are freshly delivered to you every month.

The great thing is that both types of videos are engaging and enhance search rankings. So no matter what, you boost SEO and captivate your prospects.



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