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Home Show Marketing Materials On A Silver Platter

home show package on a silver platter
If you are thinking about upping your Home Show game but are worried about the time it will take to implement, I’ve got good news.

It really isn’t that time-consuming.

Yes, it will take some effort to familiarize your team with the scripts we provide.

And yes, our team of copywriters and designers will need feedback from you on the materials they create before they can be finalized.

But compared to the return in leads and sales (if you follow the system!), this is a no-brainer.

We write and design everything you need for an amazingly successful Home Show. Banners, Big Bill Handouts, Gift Cards, and the scripts you need.

We’ll even get them printed and shipped to you if you want (and we can often get better pricing than your local printer).

I mean, how much easier could we make it?

Today is the LAST DAY to get a $500 discount on the Home Show package.

Reach out to us before 5pm CT by calling 817-416-4333 or visit our website and use the Live Chat box.


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