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How To Track Your Organic Leads from your SEO Campaign

track your actual seo leads
If you want to know how many leads your SEO and other organic traffic sources are producing (not just the amount of visitors to your website they get), you’ll find this interesting…

We just rolled out a new feature that tracks organic leads our clients get from various traffic sources.

For example…

We can determine that Contractor X had 15 website leads for the month come from SEO, 10 from people calling the phone number listed on their website, and seven from online chat.

Then we include this information in the already detail-rich monthly website traffic reports we send to our clients. They know where their lead “game” is strong, and where they need to improve.

Organic lead tracking is an invaluable new feature for our clients because they can now see the true ROI their website produces.

Don’t get me wrong…

Tracking organic website traffic is super important. We do it for our clients exhaustively.

But tracking the LEADS from this traffic shows you how well your website is converting once prospects are actually ON your website.

Another cool feature of our lead-tracking tool is that we can track ANY lead goal you want. We can see how many people signed up for your newsletter, downloaded your brochure, and so on.

Simply put, if there is an aspect of your website that can be measured and quantified, we can track the results.

Here is more info about our comprehensive SEO solutions for contractors.

You’ll see we don’t do a few lame Facebook posts and an anemic, keyword-stuffed blog post every month and call it good.

No, sir. (Or ma’am.)

The amount of SEO bang our clients get for their buck is on a whole other level.

In addition to our new lead-tracking feature, we provide…

  • Complete backend coding for every page of your website.
  • Premium, high-level SEO blog posts and social media content.
  • Optimization for the keywords that YOUR specific prospects search for.
  • Meticulous monthly reporting that our Digital Services Director reviews with you every month.
  • Monthly videos for your website and YouTube channel—one hundred-percent scripted, filmed, and produced.
  • Monthly case studies that showcase your work while moving you up in the search rankings.
  • And much, much, MUCH more.

Like I said, go here for more details about our SEO.


P.S. We’ve got some gorgeous contractor websites coming down the pipeline. You’ll want to keep an eye out over the next few weeks—I’ll be sharing these websites with you as they launch. Who knows… maybe they’ll inspire you with ideas for your own website update.

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