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Leveraging Your Remodeling Company’s Hidden Assets, Part 1

You’re Probably Sitting On Tons Of Opportunities… And You Don’t Even Realize It!

Dozens of Money-Making Opportunities Are Sitting Right Under Your Nose. Learn How Find & Exploit Them.

By Rich Harshaw 

Note: I started writing this post and realized it was a lot longer than I anticipated when I started! What an excellent topic it turned out to be. So I’m breaking this into two parts. This is part 1. Read part 2 here.

When it comes to home improvement lead generation and generating new business for remodeling companies, the discussion almost always focuses on advertising, internet marketing, home shows, or all three.

And for good reason: these are the obvious places to find new customers that have reliably generated business for years.

But I’ve found that there are some FAR LESS OBVIOUS places to look for business that can be extremely profitable if you just know where to look. Most companies never realize that these opportunities even exist, or if they do, they don’t realize they are as fat and juicy as they actually are.

That’s why I call these “hidden assets.”

These are assets your company possesses that you might not even recognize. The purpose of this post is to identify what some of them are… and show you how to exploit them to your advantage.
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