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Set Your Radius Marketing To Auto-Pilot And Watch Profits Soar

CRM System - MarketSharp
You already know that radius marketing can be ridiculously lucrative.

Unfortunately, if the extent of your radius marketing is sticking a jobsite sign in your customers’ yards, you’re missing out on a TON of business.

To truly tap into radius marketing’s massive potential (and profits), you need to organize a persuasive, well-thought-out mailing campaign and hit prospects regularly.

But creating a campaign after every single job you complete is totally unrealistic. You barely have time to take a few bites of your $5 Footlong on any given workday.

I’ll let you in on a little secret… there’s a way to set your radius marketing to “autopilot,” kick back, and watch as it brings you droves of business.

If you’re a contractor, you’ve probably heard of MarketSharp. It’s contractor-specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps you organize your business, increase productivity, and grow sales.

One of the ways in which it grows your sales is through a program called SmartMail Plus. SmartMail Plus completely automates your radius marketing efforts and generates a highly effective campaign for you in minutes.

Here’s how:

  1. Once you complete a job, click the SmartMail Plus icon in MarketSharp.

    MarketSharp Smart Mail Plus

  2. Select the image and call-to-action for your postcard campaign and confirm your order by email.

MarketSharp Postcard Campaign

  1. After you order, you will be asked if you automatically want to share the project on social media.

    MarketSharp Social Media

  2. A unique custom website landing page is automatically created for you.

    MarketSharp Landing Page

  3. Your postcards are printed and mailed for you with multiple response mechanisms (QR codes, keyword-protected customer websites) recipients can use to view the project online.

    MarketSharp Postcards

  4. You’re notified when a prospect contacts you via a specific project.

    MarketSharp Email Alert

  5. Easily track response and leads with streamlined, easy-to-read reporting.

    MarketSharp Reporting

Bam! Just like that, an amazingly effective radius marketing campaign is created for you amazingly fast. (Your jobsite signs will be jealous.)

And get this…

Radius marketing is just one of a large number of marketing and lead-generation tools that MarketSharp offers.

MarketSharp has 330 built-in marketing “Success Elements” that help contractors make their marketing a smashing success and drives profits.

From automated email marketing to online reputation management to internet lead capturing, MarketSharp provides every single marketing tool you need to boost your business quickly.

Visit our MarketSharp page for more details on how this amazing CRM can help you. (Be sure to read the testimonials on how MarketSharp is generating huge amounts of cash for contractors across the country.)

And if you want more detail on MarketSharp’s incredible radius marketing program, watch this brief video demonstration.

Happy Marketing!

P.S. The MarketSharp folks are good people. So much so that they’re willing to cut MYM clients a huge discount on their program. Visit our MarketSharp page and scroll to the bottom for details.

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Convert 60% Of Unsold Leads And Past Clients In The Next Three Months

 Contractor Marketing Leads
You know it. I know it. We all know it.

And even though everyone knows it, no one does anything about it.

I’m talking about how insanely profitable—yet severely under-marketed-to—unsold leads and past customers are for contractors.

These two groups are flush with cash for the contractor who effectively markets to them. To tap into that segment of your prospects, you have to do some “Nurture Marketing”—essentially, keeping yourself in the prospect’s mind using various advertising methods.

Unfortunately, most contractors don’t have the time to create effective marketing campaigns that target past prospects and customers. There just aren’t enough hours in the day, days in the week, and weeks in the year.

That’s where MarketSharp comes in.

I’ve already told you about a few of the many, many ways MarketSharp can help contractors. One way I haven’t touched on yet is the program’s comprehensive Automated Nurture Marketing—a multi-channel marketing system that converts past customers and unsold leads into cash-in-hand buyers clamoring for your services.

Using MarketSharp’s Automated Nurture Marketing, contractors have reported recovering as much as 60% of their lost leads.

Here’s how:

1.    MarketSharp Email

MarketSharp has a 100% automatic email lead nurturing feature built into it. MarketSharp Email comes with over 35 unique email campaigns, including follow-up campaigns, promotional offers, social media invites, online review requests, and seasonal newsletters. Basically, everything you need to remind prospects that you are here, ready, and willing to perform their projects.

With MarketSharp Email, you can configure rules to automatically queue up nurture marketing campaigns.  For example, entering an Appointment Result of ‘Demo / No Sale’ can automatically attach a follow-up marketing campaign that may contain 5, 10, 15 sequential emails set to automatically be sent over the next 12-18 months.  For mass email marketing, MarketSharp integrates perfectly with Constant Contact, so transferring your targeted contact lists is a piece of cake.

2.    Targeted Direct Mail

MarketSharp Mail integrates with QuantumDigital mailing services to create the easiest direct mail campaign you’ll ever run. In fact, you won’t do much of the “running”—everything is completed for you.

Here’s how it works: You effortlessly transfer your MarketSharp contacts to QuantumDigital. You choose from 30+ industry-specific postcard templates you can customize with your own images, logo, and message. Then place your order directly from the QuantumDigital app, and—within minutes—you’ve launched to launch a proven high-impact, response-driven direct mail promotion without breaking a sweat.

3.    MarketSharp Call Center

Using the MarketSharp call Center feature, you can proactively follow up on unsold leads, nurture established customer accounts, make outbound calls to generate more leads (within compliance), and convert more inbound calls to appointments. You can easily measure the results of your calls, such as how many calls are done per hour, appointments set per hour, and more. Other features include Get Next Call, which allows you to prioritize calls by category and importance.

Bottom Line

MarketSharp is like having the world’s best marketer living inside your computer, at your beck and call whenever you need him.

And here is what’s crazy: Automated Nurture Marketing is just one of dozens of MarketSharp programs that can increase your business. I didn’t even touch other awesome stuff like social media integration, online reputation management, and radius marketing.

If you want more details on the boundless ways MarketSharp can help grow your business, visit MYM’s MarketSharp page.

Happy Marketing!

P.S. Are you an MYM client who’s not using MarketSharp? First of all, shame on you. Second, MarketSharp provides a deep discount for MYM clients. If you’re on the fence about MarketSharp, this special offer will basically let you test the program out for three months for free. Visit our MarketSharp page for the details on how to claim your offer.

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The Contractor Cure-All

octopussing could be infecting your businessOn any given work day, you and your staff have 896 simultaneous tasks… and use 896 different programs to complete them.

You’ve got a program for scheduling jobs, a program for bookkeeping, a program for generating leads, a program for email blasts, a program for… well, you get the picture.

Using programs in this piecemeal fashion results in a business that runs as inefficiently as a 1982 DeLorean. Not only that, but you need six extra arms to handle all of the things you’re doing at once—a phenomenon I call “octopussing.”

If you’re “octopussing” at work, I have foolproof four-step method for solving it:

  1. Stop.
  2. Breathe.
  3. Relax.
  4. Get MarketSharp.

MarketSharp is contractor-specific Customer Relationship Management software that is a legitimate cure-all for companies that spread themselves wafer thin.

That’s not me putting the old marketing spit-shine on a product. MarketSharp is known as “Business In A Box” because that’s literally what it is.

From streamlining your business operations to improving efficiency to landing more sales, MarketSharp does it all—and then some.

Listen to what these contractors say about the boundless ways MarketSharp can drastically improve your business:

1.    Lead Generation

“Leads, as you know, are very hard to get these days, and advertising is expensive. I have heard that some of the best leads are existing customers that are already familiar with your work and customer service. So, the first week in January, I decided to send out a letter to some of our customers. I used one of the MarketSharp templates (which made it so easy).

I sent out about 500 letters, and I would guess we have had at least 20-25 customers call in. This one mailing from MarketSharp has been responsible for almost all of our sales in January!”

–Tammy Rogers, NC Siding and Windows, Inc.

2. Office Efficiency

“Thank God for MarketSharp. If we did not have this program, our leads and customers would be all over the place. MarketSharp allows us to keep track of almost everything in one program. WE LOVE YOU!”

–Julia Falke, 21st Century Remodeling

3. Improved Productivity

“In the first two weeks, we cut our proposal processing time by 30%!”

 –Alberta Leone, Franzoso Contracting

“If we did not have MarketSharp, we would need at least 2 more people in the office working with me.”

–Katlyn Gottbeheat, Gugger Home Improvement

4. Reporting
“Because of the reporting features of MS I can tell for sure which advertising is working and provides good return on my investment, and which sales people are actually worth giving my valuable leads to. That alone is worth the price of MS. We can now strategically and systematically solicit our past customers for repeat and referral business.”

–Riley Rogers, 3-D Seamless Siding Inc.

5. Incredible Growth

“We have only been using MarketSharp for 2 months, and it has helped our business tremendously in that short period of time. Going into the second month our sales have almost tripled. We have yet to unleash the full power of this program, and are in the process of hiring 3 more sales people, and a part-time office assistant. MarketSharp has really gotten us off the ground quickly, and we expect to quadruple our sales from last year.”

–Rick Sepulveda, Dr. Roof

Now you get the whole “Business In A Box” thing.

No more need to use 896 different programs for 896 different tasks. No more need to spread yourself thinner than a McDonald’s beef patty. No more need to “octopus” while at work.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? Then slap yourself and wake up—MarketSharp is a glorious reality.

Click on MYM’s MarketSharp webpage to discover a dozen other ways MarketSharp CRM can radically improve your business—both operationally and financially.

And if you’re an MYM client new to MarketSharp, the MarketSharp team will cut you a huge exclusive discount (they’re nice like that). Click on our MarketSharp page for the details.

Happy Marketing!

P.S. There’s a reason I’m doing the “heavy pitch” for MarketSharp: It’s the real deal. Period.

MYM doesn’t get a dime from this; I inform MYM readers and clients about any product that I believe will help them. And I am a passionate believer in the overwhelmingly positive effects MarketSharp can have on your business.



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Whip Up A Lead Stampede At Your Next Home Show

Home Show

With home show season almost here, I thought I’d share some tips for boosting foot traffic to your booth.

These are ironclad methods we teach our clients to generate up to three times more leads.

And I’m giving away the farm… right here, right now. For free.

Let’s get crackin’…


Pick The Right Home Shows

The one thing you don’t want to do is set up shop at a show where tumbleweeds outnumber humans.

Do some sleuthing on any home show you’re considering. Ask the show organizer for references from the previous year’s show. Then call the references and ask about attendance, attendee responsiveness, and if they’re attending this year.

If for some reason the organizer doesn’t give you references (not a good sign), check the event’s website—you can usually find info on previous attendees there.


Pick The Right Booth Location

Location within the show determines whether your booth is bustling… or a bust.

Try to get a spot smack-dab in the middle, or near the middle on the right-hand side. Why the right side? Well, ever been to a grocery store? Most of them lay out a counter-clockwise path for customers because studies show that’s how people tend to “migrate” while shopping. Crazy!

Also, try to get a booth next to a national company. They get lots of attention, so you can piggyback off their foot traffic.

And if possible, shell out extra for a premium location. It may cost you a little more upfront, but you’re practically guaranteed to experience better results.


Integrate A Powerful Identity

Infuse your booth with your business’s identity from head to toe. Make sure you articulate who you are, why you’re better, and what people can look forward to when they hire you. Convey the message with—you guessed it—power, passion, and precision.

Also, don’t slouch on design. You want banners and backdrops that attract the eye, not repel it (or worse, get ignored).

Here’s an example of home show materials done right:
home show materials done right


Have A Giveaway

Giveaways are massively effective for drumming up interest in your booth. They also give you a reason to follow up with people after the show.

Make the giveaway amount large enough for folks to WANT to enter. A $100 remodeling giveaway? No one cares. A $10,000 remodeling giveaway? Now we’re talking! If you’re afraid of giving away that much, just think about how many leads it will generate, as well as the fact that—depending on your margins—the giveaway will only cost you about half the face value. You’ll easily more than cover the cost of the giveaway.

Lastly, have pre-printed signup forms, or—even better—a lead-capturing program like iCapture in Market Sharp. This way, you can effortlessly keep track of your leads and won’t have to juggle a bunch of drawing slips or try to read people’s chicken-scratch writing.


Attract Attention With The “Big Bill”

Want to grab passerby attention? Stop handing out pens, candy, and trinkets. (Seriously, has a free pen ever enticed you?)

Instead, give out Big Bills. These are glossy, oversized flyers that look like money on one side and contain your identity on the other.


attract attention with the big bill
The denomination should be the same as your giveaway amount. (So if your giveaway is $10,000, the “bill” side should say $10,000.)

Sticking a Big Bill into someone’s line of sight and saying, “Hey, I want to give you $10,000!” as they walk by stops them in their tracks. Try it and see.


Ask People Questions

Gauge a prospect’s urgency and interest with 6 to 10 questions that start out general and become more specific. If they give you rushed answers, they’re probably not interested; however, if they engage with you, you might be talking to a future customer.

Here’s a list of questions you can use if you sell windows (adapt to other projects as necessary):

  • How old is your home?
  • Are the original windows still on your home?
  • Is there anything specific that bugs you about your windows?
  • Do you think your energy bills are too high?
  • Does your home get drafty?
  • Are you here actively looking for windows, or are you browsing?
  • Do you know how to tell good windows from bad ones?
  • How long have you been thinking about replacing your windows?
  • Have you received a bid yet?


Book Appointments Right There, Right Then

Setting appointments on the spot should go without saying, but I’m amazed at how often contractors don’t do it. And if you use a CRM program like MarketSharp, there is especially no reason not to set appointments then and there—these programs make it ridiculously easy to capture, store, and organize lead info.

Also, offer leads extra incentives or an exclusive home show special for booking an appointment.



Sorry for yelling, but I need to. Contractors usually follow up well with hot leads, while letting the rest collect dust.

Fortunately, the giveaway I mentioned above provides you with an easy way to follow up with ALL of the home show leads you generated. Here’s how you do it:

  • Call them and say, “We have not yet drawn our Grand Prize winner, but we have drawn several first prize winners… and I’m calling to let you’re one of them!”
  • Make the prize a gift card for your company that’s worth some fraction of the Grand Prize—maybe $200 to $500.
  • When you tell them they’re a winner, they’ll stop trying to find ways to get you off the phone and start fixating on the fact that they just won something.
  • Once you confirm their address and tell them you’ll be sending the gift card, say, “I noticed you said on the form that if you win the Grand Prize, you’d use it for windows.”
  • Ask them qualification questions about the service they chose. If you detect interest and urgency, double the gift card amount if they set an appointment then and there.
  • Go to their house with your best closing game. Voilà.


Whew… that was a long one. But it was worth it. Follow these tips, and you’ll create a stampede of leads to your home show booth. Just watch.

If you need help with your home show materials, that’s why MYM is here. Get in touch with us, and we can provide you with all the materials you need to make your next home show—and every single one after that—a rousing, lead-generating success.

Head over to our Home Show page for more details.


P.S. Need advice on a thousand and one other contractor marketing topics? Tomorrow, I will dispense a marketing education on every subject you could ever possibly want to know about. This info is easily worth seven figures… and I’m giving it away for the sum total of $0.00.

Stay tuned.


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