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Common Q’s Contractors Have About No-Risk PPC Lead Generation

questions and answers about MYMs no risk ppc

Since No-Risk PPC Lead Generation is so innovative and different than any other PPC service out there, contractors naturally have questions about it.

In a nutshell, No-Risk PPC Lead Generation lets YOU set the number of monthly leads you want. We deliver those leads at no more than $200* per lead. You pay for the leads only AFTER we supply them.

For the nitty-gritty details, read this list below of the most common questions contractors have about the program. (Or, if you’d like to speak to someone directly, email us at


Q: So, how is No-Risk PPC Lead Generation different from the 742 other PPC services out there?

A: We focus on LEADS, not just clicks. You tell us the amount of leads you want every week. We deliver them to you at no more than $200 per lead. You pay for the leads (and ONLY the leads) once you receive and approve them. It’s completely no risk.


Q: How do you guarantee leads for $200 or less?

A: Because we’re dang good at what we do. Unlike other PPC companies that dabble in the remodeling industry, PPC for remodelers and contractors is the ONLY PPC we do. We use special technology that allows us to determine not only the amount of PPC leads you receive, but also the exact cost per PPC lead.


Q: What if the cost per lead comes in above $200?

A: Then you pay $200 per lead, and we cover the rest. So if your cost per lead comes in at $250, we pay the extra $50 per lead. Just know that we are very good at generating high quality PPC leads for less than $200—you should expect your leads to cost about $110 to $170, depending on your market.


Q: Are the leads high quality?

A: Yes! Our clients report that the closing ratios from their PPC leads are very similar to their other lead sources.


Q: How many leads can I get from you in a month?

A: As many as are available in the market. We will give you an estimate before we start. Naturally, the bigger the market, the more leads will be available. The range varies from about 30 on the low end to as many as 500 a month for some services in some markets.


Q: What do you consider a lead?

A: Anyone who contacts you expressing interest in your service. We don’t count service calls, hang-ups, repeat callers, and telemarketing calls as leads; the person must be looking for the kind of project(s) you provide.


Q: When do I have to pay for my leads?

A: We will invoice you every two weeks for your leads, and you will pay via automatic ACH from your checking account. If there is ever a dispute over an individual lead quality, we will compensate by giving you a free lead in the next cycle.


Q: What if I don’t like the quality of the leads you send me?

A: Discuss it with us. We can possibly adjust the campaign to fix the problem. Or you can simply quit the program. Both scenarios are extremely rare, but please know that we won’t deal with folks who nitpick every single lead (sorry!).


Q: How is this different than buying leads from Angie’s List, Home Advisor, etc.?

A: These are leads that are coming from YOUR website… so you are the only person who will get the lead. You won’t have to beat 5 or 10 other contractors to the punch. Also, since the prospect went to YOUR website, they will already know who you are, and why you are the best choice to buy from.


Q: Is there a monthly management fee?

A: Yes, we charge a $1,000 a month management fee… BUT we waive the fee for the first 3 months to prove to you that our program works.


Q: What are the requirements for participating in this program?

A: 1.) You must be able to handle at least 30 leads a month, both financially- and capacity-wise. 2.) You must pay promptly. 3.) You have to be good about answering your phone—we DO count missed calls generated by PPC as leads. If you meet these three simple criteria, you’ll likely be a good fit for the program.


Q: How long is the commitment?

A: There is no commitment, but please be aware that it does take 60 to 90 days to “optimize” your campaign. That means that during the first month or two, your lead costs will be higher (still never more than $200)… and you can expect the lead cost to fall over time.


Have more questions? Great! Due diligence is a quality I like.

Send us an email at We’d be happy to discuss No-Risk PPC Lead Generation in more detail with you.


* In some instances the Guaranteed Cost Per Lead may need to be as high as $300.00. The increase is typically rare and usually due to things such as ultra-competitive geographic areas, out of the norm competitor efforts in the pay per click services arena or extreme seasonal competition. Fortunately these max lead cost increase is usually required for large metropolitan areas, however if this increase applies you will ALWAYS be notified in the initial discussions with us regarding your individual companies situation. In other words, if an increase is required we will let you know up front before any leads are generated.


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