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Jennifer Is Ready For You

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Meet Jennifer:

MYM Email - 16_01Jennifer


When you work with Jennifer, she’s the first person to talk to prospects who visit your website.

She “breaks the ice.” Gets the prospect to lower their defenses. Puts them in a buying mood.

Then, when the prospect is all happy, relaxed, and ready to buy, Jennifer is going to patch them directly to your phone line.

That’s because Jennifer is an online-chat operator.

MYM Email - 16_02MYM’s online chat box


Here’s the deal…

If you’re currently running a PPC campaign and do not have online chat on your website, just shut the whole thing down right now.

You’re losing out on so many leads, you’d probably have a heart attack if I told you the number.

You have ZERO idea how much cash in the bank you’re missing out on by foregoing online chat.

Let me explain…

For every client we do PPC for, we install a chat service on their website. It’s a little box that scrolls down the screen and plunks into a lower corner when prospects visit the website.

MYM Email - 16_03Our online chat box in the lower left-hand corner


We started using online chat on our PPC clients’ websites about a year and a half ago.

And the results have been astonishing.

Seriously. I’ve been in marketing for over 20 years. It takes a lot to shock me.

But when I saw the amount of online leads this tiny little box was pulling in, it blew my mind. This one-inch box in the corner of the screen had the lead-pulling power of a thousand salesmen on their “A” games.

Get a load of these results (numbers in the “Chat” column are leads generated from chat. Numbers in the “Leads” column are total amount of leads):
Contractor A: 86% of PPC leads come via online chat
MYM Email - 16_04







Contractor B: 79% of PPC leads come via online chatMYM Email - 16_05










Contractor C: 81% of PPC leads come via online chatMYM Email - 16_06








Contractor D: 75% of PPC leads come via online chatMYM Email - 16_07










Contractor E:
82% of PPC leads come via online chat
MYM Email - 16_08

I’ve got amazing online chat results for every letter of the alphabet. And then some. But you get the picture.

Here’s why online chat is freakily effective:

  1. Warms Up Prospects – It breaks the ice. It’s less stressful for a prospect than talking on the phone because they’re more in control of the conversation and don’t have to worry about a sales pitch. When the chat operator offers to connect the prospect to a call with you, the prospect is 100 times more likely to say yes.
  2. Immediately Answers Questions – Most people clicking on your website are at least considering a project. Whether they’re in the information-gathering stage or ready to remodel right now, they’re going to have questions. Online chat gives them immediate answers. And if the online-chat operator can’t provide an answer, they patch the prospect to you (setting you up nicely to schedule an appointment).
  3. Sets You Apart – Almost no contractors utilize chat on their websites. You instantly stand out by offering a unique, highly convenient way for prospects to get the information they want.

Bottom line: Online chat turbo-charges your lead generation. And your prospects love it.


If you’re not on board the online-chat train, you’re losing out on a ton of high-quality, easy-to-close leads. Simple as that.

Visit our PPC page to learn more.

Have a great day!


P.S. Have you tried that super-simple (and no-cost) Facebook marketing technique I told you about? To my knowledge, no contractors are doing this. You’ll have a massive secret weapon against your competitors for pulling in extra business. Get to it!

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