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Making Billboards Make A Difference

Use Billboards To Extend Your Brand’s Reach… Here’s How To Do It.

Use Billboards To Extend Your Brand’s Reach… Here’s How To Do It.

Marketing Quick Tips: Billboards

By Rich Harshaw

Note: This article is part of Monopolize Your Marketplace’s ongoing “Marketing Quick Tips” series. This information is not meant to be comprehensive; it’s simply meant to give you some quick ideas on the topic.

If you read my blog posting about Wall Drug, then you know I’m a fan of the billboard.

But you don’t have to have 115 billboards in a fifty-mile stretch of road for them to be a meaningful contributor to your marketing plan. With a little research and a good, creative message, billboards can work for medium to larger-sized remodeling companies. Here are few tips for incorporating billboards into contractor marketing:

Tip 1: To Billboard Or Not To Billboard: Don’t start thinking about the specifics of your billboard campaign until you’ve first carefully evaluated whether or not billboards even make sense for your marketing situation.

Billboards, almost by definition, are more of a branding/farming activity than a direct response one. With the exception of directional billboards (exit here for a restaurant, hotel, etc.), billboards should be part of a larger marketing campaign that will serve to extend your brand’s reach and nudge people to remember what they already know about you from exposure to your other advertising. Radio and billboard go well together since both are experienced (primarily) while driving. The key here is to educate people about your company and identity (brand promise) in other media so they already know who you are, what you stand for, and why you’re a good choice to buy from. Then the billboard does its job by triggering that pre-existing information in their brain.
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