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Marketing Companies and Consultants take advantage of a contractor’s lack of marketing knowledge to squeeze more money out of them. It happens all the time… and most contractors don’t realize it.

— Your Marketing Company Is Probably Ripping You Off and You Have No Idea

Contractors Getting Ripped Off
I have a 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid. I bought it new on April 25, 2008, and it has run PERFECTLY every day since.

I initially drove it for a few years. Then various ones of my kids have driven it for the last several years.

Last July, at about 110,000 miles, the Hybrid battery light came on… literally the first problem with the car I ever had.

So I hauled it down to the dealership—they confirmed the hybrid battery was dead and wanted something like $4,400 to put a new one in.

I’m cheap, so I said no way and got the car back. It was still drive-able, so I was able to get it home.

I found a company online that installs refurbished hybrid batteries; it was going to be $1,700—still a lot of money, but cheap compared to $4,400. The company had to come up from Houston to install it (on my property), and they gave me a one-year warranty.

My son drove the car to college in Utah in September, and it worked fine.

Then he flew home for Christmas to Texas and left the car at the airport. When he got back, it wouldn’t start. It was completely dead.

I immediately started cursing my decision to get the refurbished battery.

I paid $200 to have the car towed to a dealership in Provo, about 45 minutes from the airport near where my son lives.

It took them 10 days to figure out that “we can’t pinpoint the exact problem but the hybrid battery and the electric system that controls it is definitely bad.”


So I called the battery company to see if they would honor their warranty; they said they would—I could either have the battery shipped up to Utah to do the work, or I could haul the car back to Texas to get it done here.

I tried to find a mechanic who could do the install there (the battery company would pay for shipping of the battery, but not the install). The dealership wanted $495 to install it. I found a guy who would do it for $200, but I’d have to arrange a tow truck to get it to him.

Meanwhile, I ended up buying my son a whole new car—I was so frustrated with that Camry that I just wanted to get rid of it. I asked the dealership what they would give me on a trade-in… they said $500—the car is worth about $5,000 with a good hybrid battery, but with a bad battery, almost nothing.


So then I tried to find somebody to haul the car to me from the Provo dealership. This is a whole other mess I’d rather not talk about… but I finally found a guy who would do it for $800.

So my choices were:

  • Pay the dealership $495 to install the replacement battery that would be shipped from the battery company
  • Pay a guy $200 to install it, but have to pay another $50 to $100 and the hassle of arranging to get it towed to him
  • Either way, I’d have to get the running car back to Texas so I could sell it—either haul it or fly up and drive it down… either way probably $500 to $800
  • Give it to the dealership for $500

After much tribulation and delay, I finally paid a guy $800 to haul it to my house. It would normally be about $600, but it costs extra to haul a non-running car.

Today, the car finally got to my house.

The guy pulled up in front of my home and knocked on the door. I asked if there was any way to navigate his car hauler onto my driveway, so the Camry wouldn’t be on the street. He looked at me funny and said, “I don’t have to do that. I’ll just drive the car.”

I said, “What do you mean? The car doesn’t run.”

He said, “Yes, it does. I drove it up on the car hauler.”

I said, “What the heck are you talking about. The hybrid battery is dead.”

He said, “No, I think it’s just the regular car (starter) battery. I haul these hybrids all the time. The dealership always says the hybrid battery is dead, but lots of times it’s just the regular battery.”

He drove it off the truck and onto my driveway. He showed me that he had connected a portable jump charger unit to the battery—with that it started and ran fine.

The entire time, it was just a garden variety dead battery. $79 at Wal-Mart.

I paid $200 (tow) and $110 (diagnostics at the dealership) and $800 (to haul the car) to get it to my driveway. Two months—MONTHS—worth of unnecessary aggravation.

Sound familiar, contractors?

Tons of Marketing Companies and SEO/PPC Consultants take advantage of a contractor’s lack of marketing knowledge to squeeze more money out of them. It happens ALL THE TIME… and most contractors don’t realize it. (It’s probably even happened to you!)

At MYM, we hate that crap.

We’re always honest. We always play by the books. And we never sell you stuff you don’t need.

We know you’re no expert. You come to us because you NEED an expert. And we take that responsibility seriously.

In fact, we regularly turn down contractors we feel wouldn’t be a good fit for us (or us for them).

Sure… we could take them on as a client—even if they aren’t a good fit—to collect their monthly payments and fatten our bank account. That’s what a lot of companies do.

To us, that’s wrong. We have these things called “morals.” And we adhere to them uncompromisingly.

We’re the kind of company that tells you a $79 dead car battery is a $79 dead car battery… not a $4,400 dead car battery.

If you want confirmation we’re the straightest of shooters, click here for our free Lead Generation And Marketing Audit. We’ll candidly tell you where your marketing is succeeding, where it’s failing, and EXACTLY how to fix any problems. No money or obligation required on your end.

P.S. I should warn you… our marketing audit doesn’t pull any punches. We shine a 1,000-watt spotlight on your marketing to expose any and all warts. Only apply if you can handle tough love.

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MYM Blows Away ‘Longtime Listener, First-Time Caller’

long time MYM listener

If you’re a contractor who regularly reads my emails—but you haven’t partnered with MYM because you’re “on the fence”–the following story is for you.

On May 3rd, we launched a new contractor website: Johnson County Siding & Windows Co. (“JoCo” for short.)

JoCo is a sports radio show’s equivalent of a “long-time listener, first-time caller.”

The company had followed MYM for years. They’d listened to our webinars. They’d subscribed to our emails.

Simply put, they were HUGE MYM fans.

But for one particular reason (which I’ll get to in a second), they never made the leap to becoming an actual MYM client.

That all changed when JoCo’s owner Teresa Christie and head of sales, Justin Christie attended MYM’s Make The Jump seminar in Dallas last October.

Teresa is JoCo’s marketing manager. Prior to the Make The Jump seminar, she was looking to build a new website for the company. JoCo’s last website was built in November 2014, and was not getting the organic traffic and leads Teresa wanted.

“Our biggest concern was SEO,” Teresa said. “We were paying a substantial amount of money with no results.”

So, how did JoCo go from “on the fence” spectator to “over the moon” MYM client?

Before attending Make The Jump, Teresa had gotten three other bids on a new website. And when it came to website companies, she liked to stay local.

“I tend to do business with marketing companies and website companies in my area,” Teresa said. “I have some apprehension about working with virtual companies.”

So… what made Teresa step outside her comfort zone and choose MYM?

“After spending time with Rich and [COO] Bryan Bauman at Make The Jump, I was impressed with their knowledge, professionalism, and honesty,” Teresa said. “That clinched the deal for me.”

Plus, the price was right. Out of the three other website bids Teresa received, one bid was less than MYM and another was much higher. MYM’s pricing was in the middle.

After demonstrating that we could provide tremendous value for her money and quelling her apprehensions about working with a  virtual marketing company, Teresa signed on as an MYM client.

And so began JoCo’s website-creation process. Here’s a summary:

Creating The Copy

When creating web content for contractors, internet marketing companies need to write copy that’s powerful, passionate, and precise. That’s a given. But it’s also important to get the TONE of each individual client right.

Though we were creating JoCo a new website, Teresa wanted to maintain the branding they had already built. They had a reputation for being a highly professional company that focused on educating the client, rather than going for the immediate sale. Teresa wanted that identity reflected in their new website.

“The content creation process was fantastic,” said Teresa. “[Senior Copywriter] Dave Moffitt was great. He’d write sections of the website, send them to me one by one, and we’d discuss them in detail.”

Because of our highly collaborative content-creation process, we were able to provide JoCo with our renowned powerful MYM copy across their 40+ web pages, while also ensuring it was something that reflected THEIR company, philosophy, and branding.

Overcoming A Design Setback

After Teresa approved the content, we began the design phase of the project. The first design came back about a month later… and missed the mark.

“The colors were off and the design seemed too busy,” Teresa said.

When it comes to websites, these things happen about 10% of the time… even when you’re working with a top-notch marketing company.

But we’re not the kind of company that tells a client to “deal with it” if they don’t like the design. Nope—when a client is dissatisfied, we’re primed and ready to course correct ASAP.

After Teresa told us she was underwhelmed with the first design, we hit “pause” on the website’s creation and hopped on the phone with her.

We discussed everything about the design—what the client liked, what they didn’t like, and what we needed to change. To ensure we delivered the exact result the client wanted, we decided to gather the whole MYM team and had weekly calls with Teresa. We would review what we had done for the week with her to ensure JoCo got the website they envisioned.

When we turned around the second design, JoCo was extremely pleased—not only with the look of the website, but also the overall process.

“The phone calls were a phenomenal experience,” Teresa said. “I’m a perfectionist, so the constant communication saved me a lot of anxiety and produced a very good end result.”

Implementing High-Level SEO Strategy

As I mentioned earlier, Teresa’s biggest priority was boosting JoCo’s search rankings. And she wasn’t thrilled with the SEO strategies that prior internet companies had developed for her.

“With our old marketing company, we didn’t receive much aside from blog and Facebook posts,” Teresa said.

While MYM does blog and Facebook posts too, we also implement dozens of sophisticated SEO strategies to ensure great rankings for our clients.

“MYM has a higher-level SEO strategy and a better feel for the end result than other internet marketing companies I’ve worked with,” Teresa said.

Not to pat ourselves on the back (okay, maybe a little), but it’s true. Our SEO process is exhaustive, and we have some of the best minds in the business on our team. (Click here for a comprehensive list of what our SEO setup involves.)

It’s too early in the SEO process to show you results—SEO can take at least six months to propagate. But because of our comprehensive SEO strategy, we’re confident we’ll have JoCo ranking competitively in no time. (I’ll keep you updated on their SEO progress through MYM’s email newsletter.)


JoCo’s website took about five months from the initial kickoff call to launch. And for Teresa Christie of Johnson County Siding & Windows, working with MYM was an overwhelmingly positive experience.

“Building a website is a tremendous amount of work,” Teresa said. “I appreciate that MYM listened to me and was willing to converse throughout the process.”

Here are other steps we’ve taken or will take in the near future to ensure JoCo’s long-term online marketing success:

  • Implemented Online Reputation Management to build the client’s online reputation
  • Began creating premium customized blog posts to ensure the highest quality SEO-friendly content
  • Will soon install a chat feature on the website to increase lead generation
  • Continue to optimize SEO to improve search rankings

We turned this “longtime listener, first-time caller” into an over-the-moon MYM client with our communication, abilities, and knowledge.

“Working with MYM was a very good experience,” Teresa said. “I would absolutely and highly recommend MYM to contractors looking to build a new website.”

Click here to view Johnson County Siding & Windows’ website.


  • Homepage Copy Before
  • Homepage Copy After
  • Slider Before
  • Slider After
  • Siding Page Before
  • Siding Page After
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