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the art of upselling
Whether you love or loathe car dealerships, you have to admit: They’ve got upselling down to a science.

And the backbone of their upselling wizardry is how they advertise the cost of a vehicle in low monthly payments, rather than the whole price.

They do this partly to make their vehicles seem more affordable to shoppers.

But the other reason is that breaking the price down into monthly payments makes it MUCH easier to upsell all the bells and whistles.

For instance, put yourself in the shoes of someone looking for a new car.

You find one you like. You sit down with the salesperson, and he tells you he can offer you in the mid-grade model—with all of the standards features and a few extras—for $419 per month.


He can put your gluteus maximus in the sporty red and black two-tone leather seat of the high-end model—the one with the touch screen, heated steering wheel, Bose speaker system, and everything but the kitchen sink—for $459 per month. Right here. Right now.

That’s a lot of awesome extra stuff for just $40 more a month. And it’s REALLY hard to pass up.

After all, you’re already going to spend $419 per month… what’s an extra 40 bucks?

This is how car dealerships make upsells left and right with ridiculous ease.

And believe it or not, it’s exactly how you can, too.

Offering your customers financing through the GreenSky® Program gives you the upselling power of the world’s best car salesman.

Here’s how…

When your customer finances through the GreenSky Program, they can be approved for MORE than the cost of the project.

So say you quote your customer a $15,000 window project. The GreenSky Program approves the customer for $18,000.

This gives you the opportunity to earn up to $3,000 in upsells with practically no effort or salesmanship.

Here’s basically all you have to say: “Ms. Smith, with your new windows, you’re sitting at $200 per month. If you’d like, we can also perform that entry door replacement you’ve been thinking about for just $40 more a month.”

The offer is so fantastic that it literally sells itself.

I mean, seriously. How on earth can anyone say “no” to getting a new entry door for a quarter of the cost of their monthly cable bill?

Answer: Almost no one can. And when you upsell with the GreenSky Program, you’ll find not many people will.

And the best part is, everyone comes out on top in this scenario. Your customer gets a beautiful new entry door; you get more money.


But upselling with the GreenSky Program isn’t just for the window and door contractors out there.

If you’re a kitchen remodeler, you can effortlessly upsell your customers on that countertop upgrade. If you build sunrooms, you can get your customers to invest in your most expensive triple-pane windows. And so on.

See for yourself. Fill out the form on our official MYM GreenSky page to get in touch with GreenSky and get set up with the program.

The GreenSky Program requires zero enrollment fee, and you get exclusive “red carpet treatment” for an MYM email subscriber.

What you get that non-subscribers don’t (because you’re special):

  • Dedicated account management by your own personal GreenSky representative
  • Daily reporting to identify how to get most value from your accounts
  • Detail-level finance sales training and program launch training
  • New employee training
  • Educational opportunities at NARI events and access to ongoing GreenSky research

You literally have nothing to lose and—oh, I don’t know—potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars to gain.

Here’s the link to the MYM GreenSky page again. Fill out the form right now, and a GreenSky rep will get in touch with you shortly.

Happy upselling!

* All financing is subject to credit approval and credit qualification.  Financing for GreenSky® consumer credit programs is provided by federally insured, federal and state chartered financial institutions without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sex or familial status.


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