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Is This One of MYM’s Best Contractor Websites Yet?

discovering amazing websites by mym

I’d like you to have a look at one of our newer client websites. It’s for a window and door company called HomeSealed Exteriors out of Milwaukee, WI.

When you explore this website, here is some of what you’ll find…

  • A truly engaging homepage. Every detail—from the rotating sliders to the copy that “glides” into view—is designed to keep website visitors’ eyeballs glued to the page.
  • Sophisticated online chat functionality. This is hugely important because we’re also running a PPC campaign for this client. PPC leads are typically looking to buy immediately or in the very near future; therefore, we want to start engaging them as soon as they land on the website.
  • A strong and unique Identity. Windows that are 2,000% more airtight? If you’re a homeowner who has to deal with the bone-chilling Wisconsin winters, how could you NOT want to know more about that?!

Here’s the link to HomeSealed Exteriors’ shiny new website:

Let us know if we can help with any of your internet marketing needs by calling (817) 416-4333. You can also visit our website and use the chat box to speak with someone right now.


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Not everyone “gets” PPC right away, and that’s okay

finally figured out PPC

Last week, I wrote a post titled: “The question the smartest remodelers ask about PPC advertising.”

That question is “What’s the maximum number of leads you can get me?”

(If you want the answer, send an email to We’ll take a look at your services and location to crunch the numbers and give you an estimate.)

I went on to tell you about some of our biggest PPC clients, including a company that spends up to $230,000 a month on pay-per-click advertising.

Now, let me tell you the fun little story behind the company that spends that much…

I started working with them in 2011. I went up to their office and met with them for a “kick off” meeting like I always do, where we discuss strategies and budgets.

One of their budget items, of course, was PPC. At the time, the company was doing about $40 million a year and had a marketing budget of roughly $4 million.

I scratched my head when I looked at their PPC number for the previous month. It was $20,000.

“$20,000?” I asked, “Why is this number so LOW?”

They responded that that’s just how much they had budgeted. It was $20,000 a month in peak months (seasonal business), and only $10,000 for non-peak months.

When I asked how they came up with that number, they said it was “just how much they allocated.” Basically, it was an arbitrary number.

So I had them pull the records from the previous month, and asked them if the $20,000 lasted the whole month, or if they “ran out.”

Turns out, they had “run out” of PPC money to spend on the 11th of the month.

In other words, from the 12th to the 31st of the month, they spent NOTHING on PPC. Zero. Nada. Zilch. They had no budget left.

Then I had them research what their cost per lead and conversion rate on their PPC leads had been.

Turns out, PPC was their absolute LOWEST cost per lead of ANYTHING they were doing… and the conversions were actually HIGHER than average compared to their other lead sources!

little girl surprised at a depleted ppc budget

Then I found out (to my horror) that they were only running the PPC campaigns in less than HALF of the geographic area they serviced.

Why? Obviously, they hadn’t allocated enough budget.

Here’s what I said to them, word for word:

ARE YOU CRAZY?! You should spend every possible PENNY that you can on PPC… BEFORE you spend a single cent on anything else…and I mean ANYTHING else!”

They got the point. They immediately shifted their budget out of less productive things to free it up to “max spend” on PPC.

Over the next six years, their company continued to grow (to well over $100 million), and as their footprint grew, their PPC budget grew as well… all the way up to $230,000 a month.

Honest to goodness, that’s a true story.

And here are the takeaways:

  1. Not everyone “gets” the power of PPC right away—even really smart people running really successful companies. That’s okay.
  2. You can grow into PPC. Yes, “unlimited” is the best number of leads to buy. But start with 50 or 100 a month—we’ll help you grow to as many as exist.

If your entire marketing budget is only $20,000 a month, the thought of spending all or most of it on PPC might be frightening.

But realistically, if you stagger your lead flow (50 the first month, 100 the 2nd month, 150 the 3rd month, etc.), you can just let the sales from PPC finance the growth of your company.

In other words…

Instead of having a $20,000 budget and a $2-million company, why not have a $40,000 marketing budget (half in PPC, the other half in whatever you’re already doing) and have a $4-million company?

Boom, you just doubled your sales. And there’s no risk. For proof, visit MYM’s No-Risk PPC Lead Generation page.


Next post, I’ll run the actual numbers on how No-Risk PPC Lead Generation can finance the growth of your company.

The Question the Smartest Remodelers Ask About PPC Advertising

The Question the Smartest Remodelers Ask About PPC Advertising

You’ve been hearing me talk about No-Risk PPC Lead Generation a lot.

As a result, I’ve received a ton of questions like…

  • “Is it really risk free?”
  • “What is the lead quality?”
  • “Is there a commitment?”

I covered those questions last week.  You can also read some more PPC questions + answers on the No-Risk PPC Lead Generation page, or by emailing us at

But a few smart remodelers have asked me the one question that shows they really “get it.”

That question is…

“What Is The Maximum Number Of Leads Can You Get Me?”

Now THIS is a great question.

Think about it.

If I can really get you high-quality leads (not clicks, but LEADS) with an absolute guaranteed max cost of $200 (most clients come in between $120 and $165)… why on Earth you would NOT want every single lead I could possibly get for you?

One smart window company in Pennsylvania called me and said, “I’ll start with 100 a month, then up it as many as you can deliver starting in January.”

Another intrepid remodeler in Milwaukee simply said, “I’ll take 1,000 a month if you can generate them—but it will take me a few weeks to up my capacity to handle them all.”

(I love the Milwaukee remodeler’s spirit, but we can’t deliver THAT many leads in the Milwaukee area, lol.  We estimate 130 to 180 per month for that market.)

And why not dream big? No-Risk PPC Lead Generation is the easiest and most cost-effective way to generate leads and spike sales.

Case in point…

One of our clients spends $70,000 a month on PPC. He just sold his company to a private equity firm for MEGA bucks.

Another one of our clients averages $230,000 a month on PPC. Yes, two-hundred and thirty thousand dollars a month. They just sold to a different private equity firm for MEGA-ER bucks.

Yes, your company may be smaller, and unable to the amount of leads these guys can.

But for crying out loud… some people have asked me the MINIMUM number of leads No-Risk PPC can generate.

Honestly, I don’t get it.

Why would you want the minimum?

(I know, I know… smaller company, capacity, and so on. But still!)

Anyway, if you want the largest number of leads you can possibly handle, let’s talk. Shoot an email to or visit the No Risk PPC Lead Generation page and fill out the contact form.


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Skip The Line And Go To #1 On Google Right Now

skip the line and rank #1 on Google

Ever take your kids to a huge amusement park?

I’m talking parks like Cedar Point, Six Flags, and Universal Studios. The ones with dozens of attractions, $5 bottles of water, and outrageously long lines.

The wait for a two-minute ride at these parks can be ridiculous—sometimes over two hours.

It’s an agonizing journey as you slowly shuffle toward your destination, corralled like cattle between those metal railings. Especially if the sun is beating down on your head, you’re thirsty, and your kid tells you he has to pee an hour into the wait.

And what makes matters worse? When you see another line next to yours… this one with very few people.

The “Fast Passpeople.

These rare creatures paid extra to skip the long lines. They get to walk through a special sectioned off area, bypassing all you chumps withering away in the “normal” line.

The “Fast Pass folks wait 10 minutes tops before they ride. Then they hop, skip, and step their merry way to the next attraction, cutting in front of the next set of saps who didn’t pay a few extra bucks like they did.

By the time you get to the front of the line for the FIRST ride, Fast Passers are already on their fifth attraction.

It’s a bummer for you. But awesome for them.

And you can’t begrudge them. You, too, had the option to upgrade to “Fast Pass.” But you wanted to save the few extra bucks. “I’ll just wait it out,” you say. “How bad can it be, really?”

It’s the same with contractors and pay-per-click. While SEO is the agonizingly long wait in line for a ride, PPC is the “Fast Pass” to skip the line and go straight to #1 on Google.


SEO can take a looonnnggg time to bear fruit. Expect to wait anywhere from six to twelve months just to START seeing results.

But PPC?

It’s immediate. You cut in front of all of your competitors… even the ones who rank #1 organically (after they spent months to YEARS trying to get there… suckers).

The other great thing is that you can use PPC to “skip ahead” while saving your spot in the SEO line. PPC can get you leads right here and now, while your SEO methodically works its way to the top.

But I know what you’re thinking… “Rich, I’ve tried PPC before, and it was a terrible experience!”

I hear you. But every bad thing I’ve ever heard a contractor say about PPC comes down to the company they hired.

Huge budgets and poor results are the M.O. for the typical pay-per-click provider. That’s because they focus on CLICKS… not LEADS.

Sure, clicks are nice. But leads produce sales.

That’s why MYM’s No-Risk PPC Lead Generation is completely different than every other pay-per-click service out there. By focusing on (and guaranteeing) actual leads, we eliminate all of the problems contractors have with usual PPC.

Allow me to address the most common objections I hear about PPC… and why they are non-issues with No-Risk PPC Lead Generation.

Objection 1: It’s Too Much Money

Compared to what, exactly? Other lead-generation methods? SEO? A can of Mountain Dew?

The truth is, yes, a bad PPC company will blow through your budget in the blink of an eye. But a capable PPC company can get you red-hot PPC leads for dirt cheap.

No-Risk PPC Lead Generation is in the “leads for dirt cheap” category. We guarantee PPC leads for $200 or less. That means you’ll NEVER, EVER spend more than $200 per lead.

We even take things a step further. We do NOT require a monthly PPC budget. You tell us the amount of leads you want per month, and we get them for you. After we supply them, you pay for the leads. The only thing we charge for is a reasonable $1,000 monthly management fee, which we waive for the first three months to prove our program will work for you.

Objection 2: PPC Leads Aren’t As Good As SEO Leads

That’s just plain wrong. PPC leads are usually BETTER than SEO leads. The type of prospect who clicks a PPC ad is typically ready to move forward immediately or in the near future.

I can see where this objection comes from, though. Most PPC companies count EVERYTHING as a lead—wrong numbers, calls from outside your service area, and so on. So it can seem like pay-per-click is a crummy a lead source. In reality, though, it’s just your PPC company’s loose definition of a lead.

At MYM, the only thing we count as a PPC lead is someone who contacts you in your service area looking for what YOU provide. If you’re a replacement window company, we don’t consider it a lead when someone wants to repair their iPhone screen… or is 150 miles outside your service area… or wants to replace one window when you require a minimum of five. End of story.

Objection 3: It Doesn’t Work

Neither does a Silverado if Chevy doesn’t put an engine under the hood. Neither does LeBron James if he cuts off his own leg. In other words… of course PPC won’t work if it’s not set up right or running properly.

But a contractor’s PPC campaign in the hands of the RIGHT company is without a doubt one of the fastest ways to increase lead flow.

For example, some of our PPC clients start getting leads just HOURS after we launch their campaigns. I’m not saying that will be your exact experience. But you WILL begin to generate leads very, very quickly.

fast pass ahead of your competition on google

 “Fast Pass” Ahead of Your Competitors Today

Sure, PPC costs money. But when you invest that money in a campaign run by a company with a proven track record, you can start seeing huge ROIs very quickly.

Let MYM prove it.  Head over to our No Risk PPC page or email now to sign up for MYM No-Risk PPC Lead Generation. We’ll waive the monthly management fee for three months, so ALL you pay for is the leads (which will be no more than $200 per lead). There is no commitment, so you can stop anytime. There is literally ZERO risk on your part.


P.S. Next post, I’ll answer the one question the smartest contractors ask me about PPC. Stay tuned to see what it is—and if this question has been on YOUR mind….

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