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PPC Leads

Want unequivocal proof that No-Risk PPC Lead Generation creates a lead overload for contractors?

Here are the latest stats for five of our current PPC clients…

(Note: Company names kept confidential for privacy purposes. For more in-depth details on client lead amounts and CPL, email us!

  1. Illinois Door Company
    • Number of leads since January 2017: 499
    • Cost per lead: $147.97
  2. Utah Roofer
    • Number of leads since January 2017: 592
    • Cost per lead: $58.20
  3. Washington Gutter Company
    • Number of leads since January 2017: 483
    • Cost per lead: $124.41
  4. Tennessee Exterior Remodeler
    • Number of leads since January 2017: 565
    • Cost per lead: $161.70
  5. Kansas Kitchen and Bath Remodeler
    • Number of leads since January 2017: 682
    • Cost per lead: $26.65!

Remember: The amount of leads will go UP and the cost per lead will go DOWN the longer a PPC campaign runs. This is because a PPC campaign ages like fine wine—the longer it sets, the better it gets.

Also remember: We only consider leads to be people who contact you who are interested in the service YOU provide.

Hang-ups, warranty calls, calls from outside your service area, and calls from folks looking for what you don’t provide do NOT count as leads.

Here is an example of a lead taken from one of our window client’s online chats:

“We have 11 windows that need to be replaced. We remodeled the interior of our home last year, and we are now working on the exterior. Windows is part of it.  We are replacing exterior next week.”

Now, here is an example from the same client’s online chat that we did NOT count as a lead, since it was outside the client’s service area:

“Does your company do siding & deck jobs in [city]? Looking to get the siding replaced and the deck on the house replaced. Do you only do vinyl siding?  I’m looking to get a few bids, Thanks.”

Bottom line: We’re uncompromising about what we consider a lead. If it’s someone in your area interested in the services you provide, it’s a lead. Anything else is not.

Email us at to learn more about No-Risk PPC Lead Generation, our unprecedented $200 or less cost-per-lead guarantee, and our “pay as you go” model. Unlike other PPC companies, we don’t require you to pay a monthly PPC budget—you pay ONLY for the leads ONLY after we deliver them to you.


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