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How to Erase Price Resistance | The Men In Black Method

erasing price resistance

You’ve seen the movie Men in Black, right?

In case you live under the world’s biggest boulder, it’s the one where Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones play agents for a secret organization (the Men in Black) that handles alien crime on Earth.

The MiB uses a number of cool devices for keeping the “whole aliens on Earth” thing hush-hush.

One of the contraptions is a “Neuralizer.” It’s basically a pen that flashes a beam of light at someone and erases their memory if they’ve seen an alien.

This puts the person in a trance. To keep the person from freaking out that aliens are on Earth, the MiB agent replaces his or her memory with a story that doesn’t include a little green Martian.

Here’s a funny scene with the Neuralizer in action.

Okay, so we know aliens freak people out. (I’m sure not going to greet them with an Edible Arrangements gift basket if they land in MY backyard.)

But do you know what else scares the living heck out of people?

The price of home improvement projects.

Sure, some of your prospects may not show it; they usually have great poker faces. But if it’s their first time remodeling (and most of the time, it is), the initial price tag will internally induce Code Red-levels of panic. As if they just saw an alien outside their window spit-shining his metal probe.

In some cases, this results in a lost sale. (The lines “I’ll think about it” and “I’ll get back with you” are usually code for “AHH, THIS COSTS TOO MUCH, I’M OUT!!!”)

Fortunately, there’s a “Price Resistance Neuralizer” you can use to erase any and all price objections on the spot, instantly calm your prospects down, and take them from “scared to death” to a state of pure euphoria.

It’s Renoworks Pro visualization software.

Renoworks Pro replaces the scary thought of spending thousands of dollars on the unknown with a warm, fuzzy feeling of investing in a project that is real, tangible, and the homeowner will LOVE.

Here’s how:

  1. Design: Take a photo of the home and upload it. Apply product choices directly to the picture from over 250 manufacturer catalogs.
  2. Show: Wow homeowners with a stunning presentation of how their home will look before the project starts.
  3. Close: Build trust with customers, get them excited, and put them in a buying mood to land more (and more profitable!) projects.

The result looks like this…

renoworks before and renderings
Yeah, it really looks that good.

When you use Renoworks Pro visualization software, price doesn’t just take a backseat—it gets kicked straight to the curb and hauled out with the trash.

Your prospects stop thinking, “How much?!” and start asking, “Can you start right now?!”

Try it and see yourself.

Fill out the form on the MYM Renoworks Pro page to schedule a live demo of the program with a Renoworks Pro representative.

They’ll walk you through the program, answer your questions, and show you how you can start closing more jobs at higher prices… all without the hard sell (the Renoworks Pro folk are nice, laidback people).

As an MYM email subscriber, you’ll also get your first month of Renoworks Pro for free when you sign up for the program. It’s literally zero risk.

Click here and fill out the form to get started right now.


P.S. Online reviews more than a year old are basically prehistoric in the eyes of your customers. in my next post, I’ll tell you why it’s 100% mission-critical to your business’s success to keep a constant flow of fresh, new online reviews coming in.



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