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Is This One of MYM’s Best Contractor Websites Yet?

discovering amazing websites by mym

I’d like you to have a look at one of our newer client websites. It’s for a window and door company called HomeSealed Exteriors out of Milwaukee, WI.

When you explore this website, here is some of what you’ll find…

  • A truly engaging homepage. Every detail—from the rotating sliders to the copy that “glides” into view—is designed to keep website visitors’ eyeballs glued to the page.
  • Sophisticated online chat functionality. This is hugely important because we’re also running a PPC campaign for this client. PPC leads are typically looking to buy immediately or in the very near future; therefore, we want to start engaging them as soon as they land on the website.
  • A strong and unique Identity. Windows that are 2,000% more airtight? If you’re a homeowner who has to deal with the bone-chilling Wisconsin winters, how could you NOT want to know more about that?!

Here’s the link to HomeSealed Exteriors’ shiny new website:

Let us know if we can help with any of your internet marketing needs by calling (817) 416-4333. You can also visit our website and use the chat box to speak with someone right now.


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New Contractor Website Showcases Our Latest Website Design

new website design for a client

We recently launched a new website for one of our clients, Zen Window Pennsylvania. I’d like you to take a look at it.

Before I give you the link, let me tell you about a few of the website’s many cool features:

  1. This is one of the first websites we’ve built since switching to a WordPress website format. Using WordPress makes customization and optimizing for search engines much, much, MUCH easier.
  2. WordPress also allows us to make graphical elements more dynamic. As you scroll down the page, you’ll see Identity-driven text slide and pop in. That’s no accident. We did this to ensure visitors to the site can’t help but notice the powerful copy.
  3. The scrolling image gallery on the Window Styles & Options page is a great way for site visitors to see real-life images of the windows they want. (We also use this cool scrolling effect on the Reputation page for the testimonials and the Window Energy Efficiency page for the NFRC label descriptions.)
  4. We populated the Jobsite Map page with dozens of the client’s past projects. Visitors can click on a pin icon on the map to see the exact address of the project.
  5. All blog posts are written in-house by our A-list content writers. We don’t use newbies begging for work on Fiverr or guys named “Greg” from New Delhi. (No offense to Fivver folks or “Greg”—we just like to keep everything in OUR wheelhouse!)

When you take a look at the website, also make sure you notice how the client’s IDENTIY is communicated with power, precision, and passion throughout the site.

Without further ado:

Let us know if we can help with any of your internet marketing needs by calling (817) 416-4333. You can also look to the bottom right of the website and use the chat box to speak with someone right now.


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Kick-butt Upgrades We Just Performed on This Contractor’s Website (update)

a big seo upgrade announcement buble

In April, I told you about a new website we launched for Zen Windows Des Moines.

They are a newer company that started toward the end of 2016. Prior to working with MYM, they had no website. Their online presence consisted of a single biography page on the Zen Windows corporate website.

Since we the site launched the site in April 2017, we’ve been busy adding upgrades to make it even better.

Here’s a look at some of the new features we’ve added:

1.  A slick chat box prompt that instantly captures your eye and moves down the page as you scroll.


2.  An awesome animated video near the middle of the page that encapsulates the client’s Identity.


3.  A succinct Why Choose Zen Windows section that distills the company’s Identity into easy-to-digest bullets.

4.  A free guide (one that actually delivers value) to capture lead information.


I’ll keep you updated on Zen Windows Des Moines’ progress in a future email. For now, visit the MYM website if you need help producing marketing that gets results:


P.S. Take a look at your website address real quick. Does it start with “http” or “https”? If it’s “http,” your website is vulnerable to hackers. Here’s why you need to move your website from http to https NOW.

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Quit Fantacizing About A Great Website And Get One Already

great website design for contractors
Here is a list of some of MYM’s most recently completed contractor websites:

Explore these great websites. Then read this blog post about underperforming contractor websites. Then ask yourself if it’s time for YOU to update, overhaul, or even ditch your current website.

I get it…

The decision to change your website can be hard.

You’ve poured a ton of effort and money into it.

You feel like your pride is on the line.

As if you’ve somehow “failed” by admitting your website isn’t pulling its weight.

But if your website is not getting results (traffic, leads, appointments)… what choice do you have, really?

Remember: The first step to fixing a problem is to admit you have one.

So swallow your pride if your website is a money pit. Say to yourself, “What I have is NOT working, and it’s costing me money. I need to resolve this ASAP.”

When you do, you’ll feel liberated. And you’ll have taken the first step to turning your prospect-repelling, money-hemorrhaging website into a profit-producing cash magnet.

If you need help deciding whether you need a new website, that’s what our Lead Generation Audit is for.

We’ll rigorously analyze your website for visibility, conversion power, and a LOT more.

It’s $4,500 worth of services… for the grand total of $0.00.

P.S. We have quite a few websites launching soon. I’ll keep you posted because some of them are COMPLETELY different than anything you’ve ever seen from MYM.

We’ve recently improved our website-design process to offer our clients MUCH more flexibility and choice. You’re going to see some truly amazing websites in the near future.


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