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Freshly Launched Client Website – Arbor Insulation

one of our newest client websites - arbor insulation

A contractor with a weak website is like Jeff Gordon racing the Daytona 500 on foot, or Tiger Woods golfing with a baseball bat.

In other words…

You could be the “best of the best”… but if you don’t have the right equipment, you’ll fail more quickly and miserably than Serena Williams playing Wimbledon with a kitchen spatula.

Bottom line…

Tiger Woods NEEDS his golf clubs to succeed.

Jeff Gordon NEEDS his race car to succeed.

Serena Williams NEEDS her tennis racket to succeed.

And a good contractor NEEDS a powerful and persuasive website to succeed.

Otherwise, it’s “game over.”

Just ask Arbor Insulation.

They are one of our newer clients, and they specialize in (you guessed it) insulation and home sealing.

The company is owned by an MYM client who had us to create a website for their remodeling business. The client liked working with us so much on their remodeling website that they had us redo their website for Arbor Insulation.

The client wanted to ditch their old website for a few reasons:

  1. It didn’t rank well in search engines.
  2. It wasn’t getting enough leads (see #1).
  3. The client thought it felt “stale.”

Here’s a look at Arbor Insulation’s old homepage (click “Show Images” in your email browser if pictures don’t appear):

Arbor Insulation Homepage Before

 Arbor Insulation Website Before

Even though Arbor Insulation is an amazing company, they didn’t have the right “equipment” (i.e., website) to contend with their competitors online.

The big problem with the website was that it didn’t answer the burning questions in prospects’ minds… namely, “Why are you better?” and “Why, exactly, should I choose to spend my hard-earned money on YOU?”

Instead, Arbor’s old site followed a familiar pattern with contractor websites: It made big claims without providing evidence to back them up. (Example: “We offer the best in building envelope solutions.” Okay… how?)

Fortunately, the client was savvy enough to realize they needed a serious upgrade… and that MYM was the company that could provide it.

When we created Arbor’s new website, we made sure to put what makes them special front and center—AND provide specifics on WHY they are better.
Here’s a look…

Arbor Insulation Homepage After 

Arbor Insulation After 1
Arbor Insulation After Homepage Photo #2

Arbor Insulation After 2

Arbor Insulation After Homepage Photo #3

Arbor Insulation After 3

Arbor Insulation After Homepage Photo #4

Arbor Insulation After 4
In addition to a more modern design, Arbor Insulation’s new website exudes a powerful, PRECISE Identity.

It doesn’t just say, “We’re better.”

It says, “We’re freaking flat-out awesome, and here is EXACTLY why.”

And that’s just the homepage. Visit Arbor Insulation’s full website, and you’ll see this theme run throughout every section of the site.

We launched Arbor Insulation’s website on April 6th, so it’s too early to provide you with SEO stats (SEO takes months to get results). But I’ll keep you updated when our intensive SEO efforts start to bear sweet, succulent fruit.

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