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The Difference Between Ranking #3 And #1 On Google


Really, how much of a difference is there between ranking #3 on Google and ranking #1?

As long as you’re in those top few search results, it can’t be THAT drastic, right?

Actually, it is. To the tune of potentially millions of dollars.

That’s what one of our clients in the Dallas area, Clarity Windows, found out this past month when we took them to #1 on Google.

For months, they’d been stuck in the #3 spot for a particularly competitive keyword.

That’s a pretty good place to be in such a hyper-competitive market. But they wanted to climb to the top of Google Mountain and plant their flag in that #1 spot.

And we made it happen.

Before I tell you the details, let me throw out some stats to show you just how big a deal being #1 is.

The first five organic search results on Google’s results page get an astounding 76% of the traffic share. Here’s the breakdown of the average traffic share for each spot:

5.) 6.1%

4.) 8.1%

3.) 11.4%

2.) 17.6%

1.) 32.5% (!!!)

As you can see, the difference between being #3 and #1 is almost three times the amount of traffic.

Pretty incredible for moving three short inches up the results page. Three times the traffic means a whole lot more leads… and a whole lot more money in your bank account.

Now that you know why #1 is a huge deal, let’s dive back into the story…

Through a combination of creating geographic-specific content, performing behind-the-scenes “nerd” coding, and other SEO-boosting strategies, we helped Clarity Windows finally break through to #1.

And the results have been absolutely phenomenal.

Clarity Windows’ website contact form alone is now pulling 30+ leads per month.

Take a look…

MYM Email - 10_01Snapshot of Clarity Windows’ contact-form leads from 5/1 to 5/19.


And these aren’t measly four-window jobs, either. Some of these leads are gargantuan, ultra-lucrative 20-window projects for prospects who want them, like, yesterday.

See for yourself—here’s one of the lead-form transcripts:

“I am interested in new windows. We have about 25 and some are Mulled 4 window units. We live in [city name removed] and are hoping to start the install process within a couple weeks. We have one room with 8 windows over the garage that is impossible to cool and we’re thinking that is primarily due to the windows.”

Here’s another:

“Would like to get an estimate to replace around 20 windows.”

Here’s one more:

“I’m ready for an estimate on 19 windows for my home. The house is 2 stories with both double hung and slide windows.”

Look at that last transcript again. The prospect says “I’m ready for an estimate.”

Not “I’m considering an estimate.”

Not “How are your prices?”

This prospect is ready to pull the trigger RIGHT. NOW.

Making money from SEO doesn’t get any easier than that, folks.

How is Clarity Windows converting so many hungry, cash-in-hand leads? Because we built them a powerful, persuasive website…

MYM Email - 10_02

Clarity Windows’ homepage (above fold).

Make no mistake…

Being #1 on Google WILL drive quality traffic to your website. But if the message on your website packs the power of a wet noodle, those hot-and-ready prospects will click away within five seconds.

That’s why you’ve got to suck them in with a powerful, persuasive, relevant message immediately.

Do that, and those prospects will reward you with fistfuls of cash. Over and over.

If you’re not an MYM client and want to know if your website is good enough to convert search-engine traffic into leads, let us perform a lead-generation audit of your website. We’ll evaluate it for power, conversion, and visibility. Then, we’ll provide concrete recommendations for making it better.

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Webinar Posting: The No BS Webinar About SEO & PPC

Hey there, remodelers! Bad news for you—you are a bunch of stupid, ignorant, gullible idiots!

Or at least that’s what the PPC & SEO service providers of the world are hoping.

They look at contractors as “easy pickins” to sell their services to without any real accountability.

They know that it’s a pretty good bet that most remodelers don’t know SEO from a CEO. They don’t know PPC from the BBC. They know you’re probably good at building stuff and selling stuff… but they know that most remodelers’ eyes glaze over when the discussion turns to computer stuff, including online advertising.

In fact, they’re counting on it.

Then they swoop in, sell you a bunch of services that may or may not work, and then have the gall to tell you that IT IS WORKING, even when it is not.

They want you to be stupid. They prey on your ignorance.

And meanwhile, you spend a ton of money with a crappy ROI. You don’t get nearly the number of leads you should get. You get screwed.

And the worst part is, you usually don’t even realize what’s happening to you.

I know companies that spend over $1,000 a month for SEO services, and they rank well in search engines, but they get very few leads—sometimes none.

I know companies that spend thousands on PPC every month, and only get half as many clicks and a quarter of the leads they should—and they don’t even know it.

I’ve talked to hundreds of contractors of all types who pay a monthly fee for SEO and don’t have any idea how it’s working because they never get reports. They just shrug their shoulders and hope it’s working.

Which is exactly what they are counting on.

And it’s all a crying shame.

And I’m here to fix it all—every single bit of it.

That’s what this webinar is about—to educate you on what you REALLY need to know about SEO and PPC.

I’m going to talk to you for almost an hour and a half and EXPOSE all the BS tactics that most internet marketing services sellers use to bamboozle you into thinking they can increase your home improvement leads.

I’m not going to use any high fallutin’ language. I’m going to only use words you can easily understand.

I’m going to help you understand—clearly and plainly—what goes into SEO for contractors… what really makes it work… and what really makes it MAKE YOU MONEY.

I mean let’s face it: you don’t really give a rat’s butt about keywords and page rankings, do you? At the end of the day, you want home improvement leads. Lots and lots of them. And you don’t want to pay a fortune for them. Highly qualified, cheap leads. Wasn’t that the promise of the internet in the first place? What the heck ever happened to that?

But here’s the deal: you have to understand the basics. You have to know what to look for, what questions to ask, and when to call BS.

I’m going to show you that.

I’ll talk about what I call the SEO Pyramid—the 4 most important components of a GREAT SEO campaign, and how you can do it.

Most of these SEO guys talk about Google like it’s a shrouded mystery that only the anointed can comprehend and master. They make it sound like Google wants you to fail, and that Google is constantly changing the rules to make it impossible to succeed.

That’s a major league load of crap.

Google wants you to be successful! They want people to find what they are searching for. But they also know that lots of companies are going to try to cheat. They’re going to use unethical and deceptive tactics to get rankings they don’t deserve. It’s not that hard to find success. There are simple, unchanging principles that govern it, and I’m going to expose all of it to you so you finally get it.

You’re going to have a 1,000 watt light bulb go on over your head.

I’ll also show you stuff that has to be present on your website to convert the traffic you DO get. After all, if a contractor’s website gets a ton of traffic–and it doesn’t convert to leads and sales–then what’s the point?

By the way, did you notice how all the nerds that run all the SEO companies never talk about conversion? It’s because they have no clue how to achieve it. In fact, when they DO muster a guess, they are usually wrong, to the detriment of your results.

I don’t care if you’re a tiny half million dollar window company… or a $20 million dollar kitchen and bath remodeler. What I’m going to teach you is going to blow your mind. And it will work.

Then I’m going to talk about PPC. Pay per click.

Man, talk about a den of thieves.

You already know there are a bazillion PPC guys out there just drooling over your PPC budget.

And almost all of them are going to screw you over—sometimes intentionally, sometimes out of ignorance. Either way, you lose.

I’m going to show you how to analyze your market so you know how much to spend. How to write the ads, and how to get the most bang for your buck. I’ll show you the best time to place your ads, and when your ads should NOT be running.

And most importantly, I’m going to show you how to judge PPC results based on LEADS AND SALES… not click and impressions.

Yes, LEADS AND SALES. That’s what you’re really paying for, isn’t it?

Look, I know there are lots of PPC webinars and SEO webinars. This one is different—it’s going to show you the REAL DEAL. You will walk away smarter, wiser, and richer.

And probably furious. When you realize you have a giant corkscrew stuck in your back.

But hey, onward and upward, right?

Let’s get together on July 9 and talk about it. You’ll be glad you did.

What You Will Learn

  • Why there is no accountability in the world of SEO & PPC
  • How to judge an SEO or PPC company before you hire them
  • The SEO Pyramid: unchanging principles that bring success
  • The two biggest PPC killers
  • How to determine budgets… and how to interpret results.
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The Blame Game, Part 2

Instead of Complaining When Marketing Doesn’t Work, Find A Solution!

Instead of Complaining When Marketing Doesn’t Work, Find A Solution!

Who’s Fault Is It When Your Marketing Doesn’t Work?

You Still Probably Won’t Like The Answer.

By Rich Harshaw

Last week I told you how my wife hates losing her car keys, and how it’s human nature to blame others when we make mistakes. I covered five marketing mistakes, and the true source of the problems.

Today we continue with five more contractor marketing mistakes… and where to look to solve them (spoiler: the mirror).

What You Think Went Wrong: (New Marketing Idea) Is Too Hard To Execute (or Won’t Work)
The Truth: You’re Too Lazy
Explanation: Immutable law in life: everyone, including you, will always try to take the path of least resistance. Okay, maybe not EVERY single time, but darn near it. And that’s a shame in construction marketing because a lot of the things that will probably work the best for you are a little bit off the beaten path. Which is good because that means your competitors probably won’t be trying these things.

One of my clients sells sunrooms, and his most successful marketing activity is holding “sunroom tours” where he gathers 100 prospects, divides them into groups of four or five, and then has employees guide them on a tour of several of his customers’ homes for snacks, drinks, and a chance to see his handiwork. The tours take a tremendous amount of preparation—cleaning the sunrooms, arranging the food & beverages, organizing a starting place, using marketing to find the 100 people, etc. But it always works to bring in twenty-five to forty appointments and a high closing ratio. Guess how many other sunroom companies I’ve worked with (and there are a lot) who are willing to put that kind of effort into a tour? Yea, zero. It’s too hard, and it won’t work anyway, they tell me.
Read More

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Webinar Posting: Straight Talk About Lead Generation

5 Brutal Facts That You May Not Want To Hear…
But Need To Be Said Anyway.

When it comes to home improvement lead generation, things have changed. Drastically. And if you’re still out there using the same tactics and methods from five or ten years ago—like the bank robber who went back for seconds—you’re headed for hard times.

The reason a lot of this is so hard to hear is because it’s so much easier to just do the same thing over and over again. It’s hard to break old habits, ways of thinking, and search out and embrace the new stuff that works better.

There’s a learning curve. A paradigm shift. And on this webinar, I’m going to radically shift your paradigm on a few key lead generation issues. Five of them, to be precise: Read More

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