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Don’t Try This At Home: Creating Your Identity

break the mold and create a powerful company identity
Do you ever wonder how the heck some people can be so non-self-aware?

For example, I have a friend who says he hates complainers.

Two minutes later, he’s complaining about work… how he’s always tired, how his boss is terrible, how he’s not appreciated, yadda yadda.

He’s totally unaware of what he’s doing. It’s incredible.

Incredible, but common.

Here’s why:

We humans sometimes have a hard time seeing ourselves—our weaknesses as well as our strengths.

This is why if you’re creating your own company Identity—the marketing message that demonstrates what makes you different, special, and better than the rest—you do so at your own peril.

Here’s what I mean…

I once had an Identity Kickoff call with a new roofing contractor client. He was particularly oblivious to his company’s strengths.

When I asked him what he thought made his company special, he responded, “Uh… well… gee… um… I don’t know… great customer service? Quality workmanship?”


He spewed these types of contractor clichés for the first 40 minutes of the call.

(I have a newfound respect for dentists because now I know what pulling teeth feels like.)

Finally, the client said in passing that he doesn’t charge his customers a dime until the job is done and the customer is satisfied.

I nearly fell out of my chair.

ME: “Whoa, back up. What did you just say?”

CLIENT: “Uh, we have great customer service?”

ME: “No, after that.”

CLIENT: “We have quality workmanship?”

ME: “No, after that.”

CLIENT: “We don’t accept money until after we complete the job and the customer is satisfied?”

Ding! Ding! Ding!
jackpot - finally realizing your company identity
How many quality roofers—or contractors, period—require zero upfront deposit, let alone refuse to accept any payment until the entire project is completed AND done to the customer’s satisfaction?

One out of every hundred… if that?

And here this client is, not even remotely thinking it’s a big deal.

Talk about being blind to the obvious.

If you’re a homeowner in need of a roof, the promise of not paying a dime until YOU say the project is done is just too good to pass up.

(And if you’re thinking this is an easy way for the client to get stiffed on payments, think again. This guy has run a successful business with “payment upon completion” since he started in 1990!)

Basing the client’s Identity around “You Don’t Pay Until You’re Satisfied” also dovetails beautifully into the other great things about this client. It shows the client is confident in his work, that you can trust him, and that he’ll ensure the job is done right from start to finish.

And there you go. This client’s Identity was right under his nose, and he never even whiffed it.

The Bottom Line: Unless you are a marketing expert, there’s a 90% chance you’ll fail to capture your true Identity in your marketing.

But don’t worry—MYM has your back.

Contractor marketing is ALL we do. Get in touch with us, and we’ll evaluate your company’s current Identity (or lack thereof) and provide you with ideas to make it more powerful and persuasive.

We’ll sniff out what REALLY sets your company apart from the competition, and what will truly make homeowners want to line up around the block to hire you.

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P.S. If you want a crash course on creating a powerful Identity, watch this webinar I held two years ago. Fast forward to 54:20 for a concise, three-step method to producing a marketing message that generates loads of leads.
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