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Not everyone “gets” PPC right away, and that’s okay

finally figured out PPC

Last week, I wrote a post titled: “The question the smartest remodelers ask about PPC advertising.”

That question is “What’s the maximum number of leads you can get me?”

(If you want the answer, send an email to We’ll take a look at your services and location to crunch the numbers and give you an estimate.)

I went on to tell you about some of our biggest PPC clients, including a company that spends up to $230,000 a month on pay-per-click advertising.

Now, let me tell you the fun little story behind the company that spends that much…

I started working with them in 2011. I went up to their office and met with them for a “kick off” meeting like I always do, where we discuss strategies and budgets.

One of their budget items, of course, was PPC. At the time, the company was doing about $40 million a year and had a marketing budget of roughly $4 million.

I scratched my head when I looked at their PPC number for the previous month. It was $20,000.

“$20,000?” I asked, “Why is this number so LOW?”

They responded that that’s just how much they had budgeted. It was $20,000 a month in peak months (seasonal business), and only $10,000 for non-peak months.

When I asked how they came up with that number, they said it was “just how much they allocated.” Basically, it was an arbitrary number.

So I had them pull the records from the previous month, and asked them if the $20,000 lasted the whole month, or if they “ran out.”

Turns out, they had “run out” of PPC money to spend on the 11th of the month.

In other words, from the 12th to the 31st of the month, they spent NOTHING on PPC. Zero. Nada. Zilch. They had no budget left.

Then I had them research what their cost per lead and conversion rate on their PPC leads had been.

Turns out, PPC was their absolute LOWEST cost per lead of ANYTHING they were doing… and the conversions were actually HIGHER than average compared to their other lead sources!

little girl surprised at a depleted ppc budget

Then I found out (to my horror) that they were only running the PPC campaigns in less than HALF of the geographic area they serviced.

Why? Obviously, they hadn’t allocated enough budget.

Here’s what I said to them, word for word:

ARE YOU CRAZY?! You should spend every possible PENNY that you can on PPC… BEFORE you spend a single cent on anything else…and I mean ANYTHING else!”

They got the point. They immediately shifted their budget out of less productive things to free it up to “max spend” on PPC.

Over the next six years, their company continued to grow (to well over $100 million), and as their footprint grew, their PPC budget grew as well… all the way up to $230,000 a month.

Honest to goodness, that’s a true story.

And here are the takeaways:

  1. Not everyone “gets” the power of PPC right away—even really smart people running really successful companies. That’s okay.
  2. You can grow into PPC. Yes, “unlimited” is the best number of leads to buy. But start with 50 or 100 a month—we’ll help you grow to as many as exist.

If your entire marketing budget is only $20,000 a month, the thought of spending all or most of it on PPC might be frightening.

But realistically, if you stagger your lead flow (50 the first month, 100 the 2nd month, 150 the 3rd month, etc.), you can just let the sales from PPC finance the growth of your company.

In other words…

Instead of having a $20,000 budget and a $2-million company, why not have a $40,000 marketing budget (half in PPC, the other half in whatever you’re already doing) and have a $4-million company?

Boom, you just doubled your sales. And there’s no risk. For proof, visit MYM’s No-Risk PPC Lead Generation page.


Next post, I’ll run the actual numbers on how No-Risk PPC Lead Generation can finance the growth of your company.

How to add $1.5 to $3MM in sales in 2018

About 70% of contractors don’t do any PPC advertising at all.




They’ve been burned so many time that they’re convinced it JUST DOES NOT WORK.

If that’s you, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Both feet, in fact.

Here’s why…

PPC leads are out there. There are a ton of them—enough to bring millions of dollars in sales to your business—whether you believe it or not.

(If PPC didn’t work, Google wouldn’t make $30 billion-plus a year from AdWords… and we wouldn’t have the remodeling industry’s only guaranteed PPC lead-generation service. Email us for details.)

The result of most contractors being cynical about PPC is that 90% of the PPC leads are going to just 10% of the companies. The ones that “cracked the code” on PPC and discovered how to utilize it to make them rich.

This guy’s figured out PPC.

Now, let’s say you’re one of the few contractors who realizes that PPC leads exist and are going to somebody… so why not you?

You want PPC to generate 50 leads per month.

Your closing ratio on those leads is 25%. Your average sale is $10,000.

That’s $1.5 million in sales for 2018.

Increase the PPC leads per month to 75, and that works out to $2.25 million in sales for the year.

So if you’re currently doing $2 million in sales, you could literally DOUBLE your company size just with PPC lead generation.

But, again, the problem is most companies have been too burned by PPC companies to believe these numbers are possible.

That’s why MYM’s No-Risk PPC Lead Generation is guaranteed.

  • You set the amount of leads.
  • We supply them.
  • You pay for the leads only AFTER you get them.
  • Your cost per lead will NEVER exceed $200. Ever.

Now… run your own numbers. How many more leads do you want in 2018? Because No-Risk PPC Lead Generation will deliver.

I’m not whistling Dixie. Email, and we’ll take 10 minutes to run through the details with you. We’re doing groundbreaking PPC stuff no other company is doing. And when you contact us, you’ll see this is the real deal.

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