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Webinar Posting: Overcoming Price Resistance

Watch Closing Ratios Soar and Sales Skyrocket By Shutting Down Price Objections Before They’re Ever Even Raised

If you’re a remodeling company selling on the higher end of the pricing scale, then you’re no stranger to price objections. Sometimes prospects will just tell you that they think you’re too high; other times, they make up excuses because they don’t have the guts to just tell you they think you’re too high. Either way, in the end, your frequently walk out without a sale.

In the past, the solution was to either cut your prices… or to train your salespeople better. But nobody wants to cut prices, and consumers are wary of three-hour sales pitches designed to wear them out while you educate them why you’re actually worth the extra money.

The solution for selling to today’s consumer is to deliberately and liberally utilize contractor-specific, marketing-based price conditioning. The idea is simple: to help your prospects understand what quality looks like, how you deliver it, and why they should expect to pay for it…. and to do all this BEFORE YOU EVER SET FOOT IN THE PROSPECT’S HOME.
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