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Why Your Facebook Posts Are Now A Google Goldmine

It finally happened. Rumors, whispers, and speculation have been swirling for months about whether it would.

“Will it happen?”

“Won’t it happen?”

“When will it happen?”

“Is it going to freaking happen already?!!”

Then on Friday, July 29th, we finally saw it. That’s when we could officially say that, oh yeah, it’s happening: Facebook posts are now showing up in Google results for keyword searches.

One of our clients—Mainstream Home Improvement of Illinois—had one of their Facebook posts show up as the fourth (yes, fourth!) organic search result for one of their keywords.
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If you’re not an SEO or social media person, you might think, “Big deal.”

Trust me. It is a big deal. Let me tell you why:

Until now, social media was a great tool for customer engagement. If you played your Facebook cards right, you could effectively advertise on the site, drum up more business, and increase customer engagement. You can still do all of those things. Except now, you can also use social media as one more path to the top of Google Mountain.

If you were in the “social media is a waste of time” camp before, this should make you abandon that sinking ship for good. Quality social media content doesn’t just get you more “likes” and comments anymore… as of a few weeks ago, it can seriously juice your SEO efforts.

A word of warning, though: Interesting, relevant content is still king on social media. Do NOT start creating a bunch of boring, keyword-stuffed posts no one wants to read—it will backfire big time. Google will hate you, and you’ll lose followers so fast that your Great Aunt Gertrude will have more Facebook fans.

To utilize social media as an effective SEO tool, you have to post targeted content that people want to read and share with others—same as you did before.  But now you will need to be a little more cognizant of your keywords when writing your awesome content.

What’s that? You don’t know how to create engaging social media content? No problem. I’ve written some blog posts that show you exactly what to do:

Listen, becoming a Social Media Sensei is not mandatory for getting to page one on Google. All of the other SEO methods are still as effective as they were before.

Trust me, though—a ton of contractors are going to take advantage of Google’s new buddy-buddy relationship with social media websites. If you kick the tire on this, you’re giving your competitors free reign over a quick and easy way to lay claim to Google’s top spots.

Do you want to utilize social media for your SEO efforts—but don’t have the time, skill, or experience to do it yourself? We can do it for you.

Our SEO package includes an optional social media component. We maintain your social media accounts and regularly post engaging, SEO-friendly content to them. No need to worry about what you’re going to post or whether it will strike the right chord with your audience (and now Google)—we take care of it all. Visit our SEO page and scroll down to the “Monthly Pricing” section for more details.

Happy Marketing!


P.S. While we’re on the subject of social media, this post I wrote a few months ago shows you an easy and free way to drum up a ton of business on Facebook. To my knowledge, no contractors are doing this (probably because they’ve never even known this method of marketing was possible). By using the tactic that I outline in my post, you’ll essentially have a monopoly on this lucrative hidden corner of the market. Enjoy!



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Harnessing The Power Of Facebook Groups For Fun And Profit


Sure, I know you can use Facebook to generate sales. Companies pay big bucks for you to see those ads that fill up the right side of the website.

But today I came across a surprising, little-known, and incredibly powerful marketing method on Facebook.

As far as I know, very few—if any—contractors (or other types of business) are doing this.

And, get this…

  • You do NOT have to spend money on those teeny-tiny ads on the right-hand side of the page.
  • You do NOT have to have a large follower count or number of “likes”—in fact, you don’t need any at all.
  • You do NOT have to spam people’s feeds with hype-y posts two or three times a day (if you’re doing that, stop—it’s a surefire way to make people quickly hate your guts and “unlike” your page).

Here’s the story:

I was checking my Facebook notification and saw that a friend had posted a comment in a group called “Southlake Moms.”

As you’ve probably noticed, I’m not a mom. But I clicked the link anyway.

And when I did, I was astonished at what I saw.

In one of the posts on the group board, a mom who had previously asked for a recommendation for a math tutor had hired a guy, had great success… and now was raving about the tutor on Facebook.

That part didn’t blow me away. What did was the 50+ comments from other moms who wanted the guy’s contact info, so they could use his services too!

I don’t know how much time this guy has available to tutor that he’s trying to fill, but I’m gonna guess it’s ALL full now. 100%. All from one Facebook post. ONE.

MYM Email - 08 _ 1

MYM Email - 08 _ 2

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MYM Email - 08 _ 4

It got me thinking—how could remodelers use the power of Facebook groups in a similar way?

First, let me explain what a Facebook group is.

Anyone can create a Facebook group dedicated to any topic—it can be a Dallas Cowboys fan club, a place for thrifty shoppers to share the best deals and coupons, a group for wine snobs to discuss their favorite vino… whatever a person dreams up. Facebook users can then join that group if they’re interested in the particular topic.

The reason I’m a member of Southlake Moms is to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in town. Though there is a lot of “noise” (i.e., stupid posts), it’s the single best source for real, street-level local info on all topics. I selected to “not see posts,” but I do get notifications when people I know post or comment there.

Now, how to utilize this to your advantage and generate a whole bunch of sales…

First: Identify which groups exist that serve the local communities you are in. They could be mom groups (like this one), church groups (these are really strong), or special interest groups (guns, gardening, sports, etc.).

Second: Join any that make sense for you to join. They are usually “closed,” which means you have to request permission to join.

Third: Once you’re a member, DO NOT then start posting crap about your company. This is stupid and only makes people want to punch you in the face. Repeatedly.

Fourth: If somebody in one of the groups asks for a recommendation for what you do, offer your company.

FIFTH, AND MOST IMPORTANT: Ask your customers what groups they are members of on Facebook—particularly the ladies (in my experience, women outnumber men on Facebook about 3 to 1).

THEN, make sure your customers have an AWESOME experience when doing business with you. Fawn over them. Over-communicate with them. Send them a gift at the end. Yes, all of this takes time and effort and money. Of course it does. But it’s worth it. So do it.

FINALLY, ask them to post in their groups about how happy they are about the job you’ve done. Ask them to tell people to contact them to get your info. Or have them just post your info. Use the post that I showed you as a template—it’s a pretty solid “sales letter.”

Make sales. The end. You can thank me by never, ever sending me a Facebook request to play Candy Crush.

In tomorrow’s email, we get back to a “regularly scheduled” MYM topic: Contractor PPC.

You’ll discover how one of our clients landed a $7,156 PPC lead less than 2 hours after we launched their campaign.

This kind of result is not typical… it’s all but guaranteed. Find out exactly how 100% of our clients are making money off PPC by visiting our Pay-Per-Click page.


P.S. After you try the Facebook Group technique outlined in this email, drop me a line at to let me know the results. I’m REALLY curious to see how this tactic works for contractors.

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