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Maybe You’re Just Thinking Too Small

kayaking and swimming
Ten years ago I went on a father-son camping trip with my church to Broken Bow, Oklahoma where we went canoeing down the Mountain Fork River.

After a few hours of paddling, when we stopped to rest, I challenged a few of the older boys to a swimming race to the other side of the river and back—a distance of maybe 75 yards each way.

A fair amount of trash talking ensued, and the race was on.

Long story short, I demolished the entire group of 6 or 8 boys—I beat the closest one by at least 20 yards. And you better believe a fair amount of trash talking followed!

This got a few of the older boys who had not raced interested. They insisted that we hold a second race so they could beat me and restore the dignity of young people everywhere.

I agreed, but only after a 5-minute rest.

Just before we started, a guy I had never met asked if it would be okay for him to join the race. He was about my age, and had apparently just moved into our town.

Oh. My. Gosh.

This new guy absolutely KILLED me and everybody else in that second race. And it wasn’t just that he beat us—it was the way that he accomplished it.

His swimming stroke was smooth, steady, and absolutely, positively effortless.

He finished 50 yards ahead of the pack (in a 150-yard race, mind you), and wasn’t even breathing hard when we dragged our pathetic, panting carcasses out of the river.

Turns out this new guy was named John and had just moved in the week before. It also turns out he was a scholarship swimmer at the University of Arkansas back in the day. And it also turns out he was still a top 1% ranked swimmer in Ironman Triathlons worldwide.


I went from a “great swimmer” who beat a bunch of teenagers to a “giant loser” who in reality had no idea how to actually swim in less than 10 minutes.

And guess what?

I see this all the time in business, especially when the “swimming” is actually “marketing.”

I don’t want to show you how to beat all your local competitors by dominating them on the internet and crushing them on TV and radio.


Your local competitors are like those pathetic teenage boys who had no idea what they were doing whatsoever. Beating them means nothing. Not beating them is embarrassing.

What I want to do at my seminar is teach you how to get into that top 1% of all marketers.

The top 1%.

Take TV and radio.

I’ve had a thousand contractors over the years tell me “it doesn’t work for us.”

Yet I make it work for my clients in dramatic and profound ways.

There’s a difference between being “good at being a contractor” and “knowing exactly how to choose the right stations, negotiate the best deals, and produce the right commercials.”

One of my clients is 6 times bigger than his next biggest competitor. SIX TIMES BIGGER.  And not in some Podunk town. They are in the 34th biggest market in the US.

Another one of my clients holds more than 40% market share in several of the counties they compete in. FORTY PERCENT. In a top 5 market in the country.

Don’t let “good” get in the way of your being GREAT.

Come out to my seminar and literally MAKE THE JUMP to the next level in your business.

Hurry, registration closes in less than a week.

Read more about it here.




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Extend Your Trip To Haiti By 20 To 25 Days (if you want)

you can extend your trip if you have a 10MM+ company

One of my active clients is on a sabbatical right now.

We were scheduled to shoot some new TV commercials, then I got this text from him one week before:

I'm extending my trip to Haiti

Extending for a possible 20 – 25 days?

Who decides, on the spur of the moment, to turn a 4-day trip into a month-long excursion?

Owners of $10MM+ companies, that’s who.

Are you ready?  To learn more about the “Make The Jump” seminar click here.

Sign up for my seminar.

There are only a few spots left; registration closes when we sell 10 spots, or this Friday at midnight, whichever comes first.


P.S. You may want to review some of my previous emails; I’ve put them all on a single webpage you can access by clicking here.  Read the first one again about “what it means to have a $10MM company.”




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Aren’t You Just Trying To Sell Me Something?

you could be interested in our services
I have a terrible poker face. I tend to be more of an “all cards on the table” kind of guy.

So when people ask me, “Are you going to try to sell me something at the seminar? Is it just a giant sales pitch for your services?”… I don’t try to hide my intentions at all.

After all, it’s a fair question, especially when you’re paying $3,000 to show up.

The answer is: No, I’m not going to try to sell anyone anything, but there is a good chance some attendees will be interested in doing business with my company.

I mean, think about it…

At the seminar, you’re going to discover marketing principles that can realistically help you add 15% to 30% growth per year. You’ll understand exactly how to grow your business to $10MM (or more).

I would HOPE that you’d want to implement it into your business.

You already know that before even showing up. That’s WHY you’re showing up.

So then you’ll have 3 choices:

  1. Implement it yourself,
  2. Get somebody else to implement it for you, or
  3. Have us do it.

Honestly, implementing it yourself is going to be extremely difficult. We’ve spent two full decades honing these skills. While it is easy to understand the principles after a couple of days, it’s very difficult to actually implement them successfully. But if you do go this route, you’ll certainly be better equipped (by a long shot) to succeed than you were before attending.

And you’ll also quickly realize that nobody else actually does what we do, so hiring somebody else to do it isn’t really a viable option. This will be crystal clear about an hour into the seminar.

And then there’s hiring us.

If you are interested, we’d be happy to talk to you about it and see if it’s a good fit. Hand us your business card, and we’ll set up a time to talk to you. We have a limited capacity to accept new clients, so we scrutinize each one very carefully.

But here’s a promise:

There will be no “sales pitch” at the seminar. None.

The point of the seminar is to educate and enlighten. To show you the guiding principles to get you where you’re trying to go.

The seminar is a great value. You’ll definitely get your money’s worth. If you don’t think so, just let me know and I’ll gladly refund what you paid to attend.

To get all the details about the seminar, and to see if we have any spots left available (we limit attendance to just 10 companies to ensure maximum interaction), click here.

I look forward to meeting you soon!


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The Guy Who Paid $40,000 For This Event

expert advice and training
How much is the information worth that you’ll get at my upcoming “Make The Jump to $10MM” 2-day seminar?

Would you believe $40,000?

Would you believe $90,000,000? (yes, MILLION!)

I was on spring break with my family in 2011 when I got a call from my assistant. She said some guy had called in urgently requesting to speak to me, who wanted to attend my 4-day, $8,000 marketing training bootcamp.

“So, why are you calling me? Just give him the information and sign him up,” I asked her.

“He said he really wants to speak to you personally first,” was the reply.

So I jotted down his number and called him from a gas station in Galveston, TX.

With all the background noise, it was hard to hear him. Here’s what was said:

Him: Hey, how much will you charge me if I want to bring 4 people to this event?

Me: Well, it’s $8,000 for the first 2, then $1,000 each for the other two as long as they’re from your company.

Him: How much would you charge me to come do the seminar here?

Me: Huh? Where is here?

Him: I’m in (city); how much would you charge me to just come here and do the seminar?

Me: Uhhhh… well, we normally gross between $50,000 and $70,000 in registration fees for one of these events.

Him: How about $40,000? Would you come here and do it for $40,000? We’ll pay your flights and hotel, too.

Me: Uh, well. I’ve never really done that before. But I guess I would.

Him: How soon could you get here and do it?

Me: Who is this?

We discussed who he was and what his company was for a moment, and agreed that I’d make the trip to do the training.

The $40,000 check arrived at my office before I got home from my vacation.

I stayed in a luxury suite at the downtown Sheraton hotel for 4 days while I conducted the training for him and his staff. He actually ended up bringing a few other friends of his—other business owners—so there were about 10 or 12 people in attendance.

On the last day, he asked me how much I would charge him to do “THAT” for his company. We worked out a price, and we’ve been working together for the last 5-plus years now.

During that time, his sales have skyrocketed from about $40MM to over $130MM.

That’s up over $90MM a year.

I engineered a media buying plan that started at $1MM the first year, and has grown to over $4MM this year (that’s just the radio and TV part of the budget).

I’ve written over 100 radio commercials and 40 TV commercials for this company.

You’ll get to see all of it at the “Make the Jump to $10MM” event.

We limit this event to 10 companies to make sure that it’s personal, hands-on, and intimate. You should consider attending if you:

  • Are already doing AT LEAST $2.5 million in sales. If less, we may have other events that are a better fit for you. Contact us to find out.
  • Are serious about 15% to 25% annual growth.
  • Feel like your internet marketing strategies are impotent or stagnant.
  • Want expert advice and instruction on using broadcast media to blow up your sales.

The 2-day seminar is being held April 26 & 27 in Dallas; to learn more, just click this link. Registration is extremely limited… to just 10 companies.

P.S. Here’s a question I get a lot: Hey, I’m going to pay you to come to a seminar… are you just going to use the seminar to sell me something else? Read my next post for the honest answer.


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