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help your fellow contractors with a mediocre website
Why are so many contractor business websites mediocre or even downright embarrassing?

The problem is that many business owners see their website as the equivalent of a static brochure that just happens to be online.

If you’ve been through MYM’s process for creating a dynamic Identity-based website, you know there is no going back to the days of a website as an online brochure.

But you probably know a fellow contractor business owner with one of those boring online brochures.

Help them.

Refer them to MYM.

Do that, and I’ll help you, too.

I’ve purposely designed this referral program to be ridiculously easy for you to do. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Refer MYM to a contracting business that needs a beautiful, EFFECTIVE, Identity-based website so they can start turning website traffic into leads.

Step 2: Once the referred business signs on with MYM, we are going to give you 3 months of our SEO Premium service for free. That’s a $3,750 value.

The other great thing about this? It takes literally 10 seconds to get started.  Email me and type “I have a referral for you. Please give me a call” and give us the best number to reach you.



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