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What It Means To Have A $10MM Company


I’m holding a new 2-day seminar called Make the Jump to $10MM.

It has been specifically created for owners of remodeling companies and home services companies that are stuck somewhere in the $2 to $5MM range—and who really want to take it to the next level.

I’ll be writing a few blog posts over the next couple of weeks that talk about different aspects of growing your company that big—from the right mindset, to pricing strategies, to operations… and most importantly—MARKETING.

I’ve worked with dozens and dozens of these kinds of companies in my career, and I know exactly what it takes to break through to the other side.

But before I get into “how” to make the jump, let’s talk for a minute about “why.”

The difference between running a $3MM company and a $10MM one is night vs. day.

But you have to build your company the RIGHT WAY—the way I’m going to show you in my new course.

If you DO build it to $10MM the right way, your whole world changes:

-You can afford to make everything in your company great, and do everything right; you never have to cut corners on anything.

-You can treat your employees better than anyone else. You can pay them so much that they’ll never want to leave because it would require taking a pay cut.

-You can also give them Fortune 500-level benefits: company cars, paid vacation, full health insurance, matching 401(k), trips.  Stuff almost none of your competitors offer.

-If you mess up or make a customer mad for some reason, you just pay to have it fixed. You don’t have to risk your reputation by getting in “pissing matches” with angry customers. You just smile, fix the problem, and move on.

-You can afford to use the best materials, and you can hire all the best people. That means you can offer (and service) warranties like nobody else.

-You can afford to hire specialists, consultants, and experts to solve any problems you (inevitably) encounter.

-You build a company with a loyal customer base and have huge brand equity in the marketplace. You can legitimately sell your company because those assets are tangible and valuable. It’s almost impossible to sell a $2MM remodeling company to anyone but an uncle with a drinking problem.

-Your referrals will shoot through the roof.

-On a personal level, you’ll be rich.

-Profits on a $10MM company should be a bare minimum of $1MM and closer to $2MM. Per year.

Now let’s get really personal:

-If your dog swallows a bee and almost dies due to anaphylactic shock, you can easily afford the $15,000 vet bill to keep him alive (recently happened to one of my clients).

-You can build your dream house in whatever neighborhood you want and drive whatever cars you want. My clients drive me to the airport in Maseratis, Range Rovers, and Mercedes.

-You can sit in box seats or front-row seats for any sporting events you want, including the World Series. $8,000 per ticket is affordable when you make $1.6MM a year.

-You can go to Maui twice in less than 3 months; once with your sales staff who qualified for the incentive trip you offered and paid for, and once with your entire family for 10 days because… well, Maui.

-If your parents are elderly and need special care, you can be the sibling who everyone counts on to “just take care of it,” whether that means medicines, in-home care, nursing facilities, or anything else. A few of my clients take great pride in being able to perform this duty.

-You can contribute as much money as you want to whatever causes you want. One of my clients donates over $1MM a year to local charities. Another one donates $600K (and growing) a year to Haitian orphanages and an African well-digging project.

…Like I said, it’s a whole new world.

I’m going to show you how to achieve it.

More blog posts with more details to come.

For a sneak peak at my new 2-day seminar, “Make the Jump to $10MM” click here.

Happy Marketing!




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