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you need to do more than build it for people to come
If you build it, they will come.

That’s the memorable line from the classic movie Field of Dreams.

If you never got around to seeing it, here’s the three-sentence summary:

A man named Ray hears a voice tell him, “If you build it, they will come.”

Ray builds a baseball field instead of planting corn on his farm.

Everything turns out magical.

The movie has good messages… but “if you build it, they will come” is terrible business advice. Building something guarantees exactly NOTHING.

The only way prospects come to a website is the effective use of PPC and SEO.

Do you know a business owner who thinks that building a website is enough and that traffic will just magically appear?

Help them (and yourself, too).

Refer them to MYM.

And then if they sign-up with MYM, as a thank I will give you 3 months of our SEO Premium Service FREE.

That’s a $3,750 value.

You can email me and type “I have a referral for you. Please give me a call” and give us the best number to reach you.

A member of my team will call and I promise this will take a minuscule amount of your time… especially when you consider the value of the free SEO Premium service.


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Leveraging Your Remodeling Company’s Hidden Assets, Part 1

You’re Probably Sitting On Tons Of Opportunities… And You Don’t Even Realize It!

Dozens of Money-Making Opportunities Are Sitting Right Under Your Nose. Learn How Find & Exploit Them.

By Rich Harshaw 

Note: I started writing this post and realized it was a lot longer than I anticipated when I started! What an excellent topic it turned out to be. So I’m breaking this into two parts. This is part 1. Read part 2 here.

When it comes to home improvement lead generation and generating new business for remodeling companies, the discussion almost always focuses on advertising, internet marketing, home shows, or all three.

And for good reason: these are the obvious places to find new customers that have reliably generated business for years.

But I’ve found that there are some FAR LESS OBVIOUS places to look for business that can be extremely profitable if you just know where to look. Most companies never realize that these opportunities even exist, or if they do, they don’t realize they are as fat and juicy as they actually are.

That’s why I call these “hidden assets.”

These are assets your company possesses that you might not even recognize. The purpose of this post is to identify what some of them are… and show you how to exploit them to your advantage.
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Fun With Gift Cards

The Reluctant Buyer Suddenly Turned Into A Motivated Now Buyer… Thanks To The Gift Card.

The Reluctant Buyer Suddenly Turned Into A Motivated Now Buyer… Thanks To The Gift Card.

People Perceive Gift Cards To Be Extremely Valuable…
Here Are Seven Ways To Use Them To Your Advantage.

Written by Rich Harshaw.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article called “Wink, Wink Deals” and gave an example of a remodeling salesman pulling a gift card out of his wallet and offering it to a client as a “deal clincher.” I’ve had several people ask me for more details about that, so I decided to cover it in more detail—along with several other ways to use gift cards in your business—in today’s article.

But first let’s talk about gift cards—what they are, how they work, and why they’re so darn powerful in a contractor’s marketing campaign.

For our purposes, there are two different kinds of gift cards—gift cards that can be redeemed for purchases with YOUR COMPANY, and gift cards for other companies… usually restaurants or retailers.

The second kind of gift cards—restaurants, retailers, etc. —have swept over the country like a plastic tsunami in recent years. They’re the go-to (and admittedly lazy) gift for all occasions—from birthdays, to holidays, to thank you’s, to graduations, to anything and everything else. These kinds of cards can be extremely useful in a marketing campaign… but they also have given a sort of “credibility by association” to the other kind of gift cards—ones that are only valid for purchases at your company.
Read More

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Freshly Posted Contractor Marketing Webinar: 3-For-1 Contractor Marketing Webinar!

Proximity Marketing: How To Turn Every Job Into 2 or 3 More.

Pre-Positioning: How To Make Prospects Fall In Love With You… Before Your Sales Person Ever Shows Up.

Referrals: How To Get More Of Them Than Ever Before.

Watch Monopolize Your Marketplace CEO Rich Harshaw as he packs 3 NEW RULES of CONTRACTOR MARKETING topics into one compact, 80-minute webinar! These topics might LOOK like “old standbys,” but wait until you learn the NEW WAYS THAT ACTUALLY WORK!

Proximity Marketing

  • Why “3 postcards and pray” proximity marketing never works and never will work
  • 9 steps of Super Robust Proximity Marketing… including step-by-step implementation
  • How to handle the dirty work without getting your hands dirty (thank you, Marketsharp!!)

Pre-Positioning Marketing

  • Why pre-positioning is absolutely critical if you want to maximize home improvement lead conversion
  • Why your current pre-positioning efforts are probably falling short of their potential, and how to fix them
  • Principles of “confirmation bias,” price conditioning, and reciprocity
  • Details on the 4 components of pre-positioning, and how to implement them all
  • Financial implications of pre-positioning including execution costs and expected returns
  • See samples of pre-positioning packages

Referral Generation

  • Why just “asking for referrals” doesn’t work… and never will work
  • A 3-step system that will instantly increase referrals by 50% to 100%
  • How to realistically build your referral business to at least a quarter of your business or more
  • Pros and cons of putting formal referral reward programs in place.

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