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Don’t Be The Fat Kid Shooting 3’s In The Driveway

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If you’re serious about getting to $10MM, you’re going to have to Master internet marketing.

That’s Master, with a capital M.

Like Steph Curry is the Master of the 3-point shot.

But honestly, most remodelers are more like a fat kid hoisting 3’s in his driveway. They’re just not very good at internet marketing

But Mastery is non-negotiable—if you want to get to $10MM. Here’s why:

1.    Every lead you ever get from any source is going to check out your website. All of them. And if you’re not careful, your website will scare them off—without you even knowing it.

2.    There are a TON of prospects wandering around the internet just waiting to be captured by you… or somebody else who is better at doing so.

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In terms of websites: yours MUST be fresh, clean, and current. It has to turn LOOKERS into BUYERS. You have to build a case for why you’re different and better than your competitors. You have to show them plenty of evidence. You have to be convincing.

Especially considering your prices are going to be 50% to 150% higher than your competitors.

Fat kid in the driveway isn’t going to cut it.

Want to see what your website SHOULD look like? Click here, here, here, or here.

If you want to learn more about what goes into a great website, watch this webinar.

Now let’s shift gears and talk about SEO & PPC.

These are two of the least understood weapons in the remodeler’s toolkits—because sellers of SEO & PPC have been ripping remodelers off for well over a decade now.

Everyone has stories of failure and doom. And most of them are true. You do have to be careful when wading into these waters.

But flushing SEO & PPC down the toilet because some company ripped you off makes no more sense than homeowners flushing remodeling down the toilet because contractors have a bad reputation.

Get over it—there are hundreds and hundreds of leads just WAITING to be captured.

Obviously, you have to have a killer website or else the prospects that land on your site are going to draw the natural conclusion that you suck. Airball.

But beyond that, what are the rules? How does it work? What should you do?

For SEO, it’s simple. You have to add TONS and TONS and TONS of relevant, interesting, and well-written content and add it to your site.

Every. Single. Month.

Content can mean articles, blog posts, videos, geographic-specific pages, product-specific pages, case studies, project photos, online reviews—just to name a few.

Google sees all that stuff and rates you higher than your competitors who don’t put in the time and effort to do so. It’s just that simple.

But still, most SEO companies try to shortcut the process. The key words above were “relevant, interesting, and well-written.” Most companies settle for poorly written, irrelevant, and uninteresting.

Fat kid hoisting 3’s in the driveway.

And they wonder why Google keeps crucifying them.

SEO to the level you need to get to $10MM is going to cost you about $1,200 to $3,000 a month—and it strictly depends on how aggressive and good your competitors are (at SEO).

Most of our clients are on a $1,200 a month plan and are riding first page (and many #1) rankings… and rising. A few of our clients pay double that because they are in super competitive markets, or they have a few really bad reviews that we have to bury. (note: bad reviews does NOT necessarily mean they are a bad company. It often means that some idiot jack-wagon has a vendetta against them. You also need to actively manage your online reputation and reviews).

Not doing SEO is not an option. It’s 100% mandatory.

But what about PPC?

To be a $10MM company, you’re going to want to Master this one as well.

To learn more about the Make The Jump Event click here.

Google recently changed the way its search results look. The top FOUR spots are now ads, then a map, and then the “organic” (SEO) results.

Take a look:

Roofing Dallas google search
Let me give you the short course on PPC, then give you some links to read more if you want.

PPC providers are worse than the SEO guys. There are a TON of them that have ZERO clue what they are doing. Most of them are simply taking your money and putting it on an online automated bidding platform that takes a huge chunk of the money you paid to use. You never know this except when you get crappy results. I want to emphasize—they literally have no idea what they are doing. None.

Fat kid in the driveway trying to shoot a medicine ball.

The few that don’t use an automated system have SOME clue, but almost always are generating fewer leads than you should be getting.

To get to $10MM, you have to find a great PPC company, then once you’re satisfied they’re good, SPEND AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE WITH THEM!

Why? Because every dollar they spend is going to bring you leads.

But not just leads. Leads from the people who are actively trying to find somebody to buy from!!!!

Once you have a great website and you’ve Mastered SEO & PPC, you’re ready to talk about MEDIA advertising. Radio and TV.

And radio and TV is what is going to make you a millionaire.

Next post, I’ll explain how.

Happy Marketing! For info about the upcoming 2-day seminar, click here.

P.S. Here’s a great webinar I did on SEO & PPC called “The No BS Webinar On SEO & PPC


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Need for Speed

The Most Important Home Improvement Lead Is The One That Just Came In 10 Seconds Ago.

The Most Important Home Improvement Lead Is The One That Just Came In 10 Seconds Ago.

Why Super Speedy Lead Follow Up Is Absolutely Mandatory…
And How To Actually Pull It Off.

Question for you: At what moment are your prospects MOST in the mood to buy?

Believe it or not—it’s not during the sales meeting.

Actually, it’s at the moment when they first pick up the phone to call you, or fill out a form online to request information.

Think about it for a second: At that precise moment, something in their brain said “I have enough pain with my current situation that I’ll risk calling a stranger and give them a chance to SELL me something to fix my problem.” That’s a pretty big deal—think about it for a second!

But there are TWO COLOSSAL MISTAKES most remodelers make at that all-important moment of truth:

  • Colossal Mistake #1: They don’t make the initial contact with the prospect fast enough.
  • Colossal Mistake #2: If they do make contact right away, instead of selling the prospect right there and then, they instead just try to set an appointment for some time in the future.

Fixing both of these problems is surely the easiest way to DOUBLE (yes, DOUBLE) sales almost immediately.
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Contractor Marketing Quick Tips: Price Conditioning

You’re Scaring Your Prospects Off, And You Don’t Even Know It.

You’re Scaring Your Prospects Off, And You Don’t Even Know It.

It’s A Sure Bet That Your Prospect THINKS Your Prices
Are Lower Than They Actually Are.
How To Keep “Sticker Shock” From Killing Your Sales.

Written by Rich Harshaw

Note: This article is part of Monopolize Your Marketplace’s ongoing “Contractor Marketing Quick Tips” series. This information is not meant to be comprehensive; it’s simply meant to give you some quick ideas.

Pop Quiz: What is the number one reason deals don’t close during the initial sales meeting?

Believe it or not, it’s not all the usual answers you are probably thinking, and your salespeople would like for you to believe. Answers like “no money” and “needs more information” and “bad timing” and “didn’t like the salesman” are all good answers, they are not EVEN CLOSE to the number one answer. Really.

The main reason people don’t buy during the first meeting (which drastically drops their likelihood of ever buying at all) is: You are asking them for a lot more money than they were expecting you to ask for. This is not the same thing as “can’t afford it”; it’s simply a matter of out-of-whack expectations. Learn how to fix this problem and watch your closing ratios soar.

Tip 1: Lay Of The Land: Since remodelers sell something that’s fairly expensive and that people don’t buy very often, they probably don’t have a frame of reference for how much they should expect to pay. Here’s a good bet: If John Smith doesn’t know how much something should cost, he’ll probably UNDERESTIMATE how much it is in his mind. Then when you show up to sell him, you’ve got to cover a lot of territory to close that gap. This leads to maddeningly long sales cycles, multiple-call closes (instead of 1- or 2-call closes), longer-than-necessary sales meetings, and phantom objections (because they’re chicken to admit holy cow, THAT’S more than they were expecting!). Understand, there is a HUGE difference in “can’t afford it” and “costs more than I thought.” The latter is frequently mistaken for the former—and in most cases, it’s totally avoidable.

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