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A Behind the Scenes Tour of MYM’s SEO funhouse

contractor SEO can be fun!

Remember when Google wasn’t the biggest wellspring for contractor leads?

Those were the days, huh?

Back then, lead sources like the Yellow Pages, direct mail, and print ads did a lot of the heavy lifting.

That meant you could launch a new website, and then kick back and call it good.

You didn’t need Google (or Bing or Yahoo, for that matter) to get the amount of business you needed to grow.

You didn’t have to worry about title tags, meta descriptions, backlinks, consistently churning out compelling content on your blog, and three dozen and one other things just for a fighting chance at making page one.

But those simpler times are long gone.

Fast-forward to October 31st, 2017.

Now, Google and her search-engine siblings are THE main source for remodeling and home improvement leads. The competition’s not even close.

Sure, other marketing methods—direct mail, print ads, etc.—still work. But for any contractor who cares to grow business, those methods need to SUPPLEMENT a strong SEO strategy… not substitute for it.

Don’t believe me?

The latest statistics show that well over 90% of homeowners use search engines to find local contractors. So if you’re not ranking well on search engines like Google, you’re toast.

you're burnt toast without SEO


What’s even more frustrating is that Google’s algorithms get pickier and more complex with every update. And do you honestly have the knowledge and experience to handle these convoluted procedures yourself? If not, can you set aside the hundreds of hours it would take to become proficient at the many, many SEO tasks required to rank well?

Probably not… but MYM can.

I can unreservedly say that our SEO team is comprised of the baddest mammer jammers both sides of the Mississippi.


They eat, sleep, breathe, drink, and bathe in SEO.

It’s their sustenance.

It’s their lifeblood.

It’s also why MYM turns the average contractor from “Google Dud” to “Google Stud.”

Contractor Website Before MYM.


Contractor Website After MYM. (Results are typical.)


To achieve such transformations, our SEO team always has a ton of projects going to improve our client websites’ rankings, performance, and conversion success.

Let me share a few of those projects with you…

1.  Link Disavowing

Link disavowing is an ongoing project in which we identify and eliminate toxic backlinks that are directed at our clients’ websites.

Over the past two weeks, we identified and disavowed 470 toxic backlinks. The majority of these came from our newer clients, but we also had a few older clients that added to our total as well. All were scoped out and appropriately disavowed, and will not negatively affect search rankings going forward.

2.  Client Website Audits

We’re meticulously crawling—page by page, line by line—our clients’ websites to ensure there are no errors that could compromise SEO rankings. This past week, we found and fixed some errors, which were mostly in our clients’ blogs. To ensure these errors don’t happen going forward, we’ve completely revamped our blog-creation process. (More on that in a future email.)

3.  Correcting Google Analytics Errors

One of our new clients had their Google Analytics code incorrectly implemented on their website.

To the naked eye, it looked like the Google Analytics code was working correctly, as there was traffic showing in the Google Analytics dashboard. It turns out, however, that no page other than the homepage was tracking page views.

This is something that’s easy to miss, but we discovered and corrected it. The client’s Google Analytics is now showing the statistics for the WHOLE website. As a result, there was over 2,300% more traffic and over a 2,100% increase in unique visitors once we fixed the problem. While that’s not an actual increase in traffic, the true data is now being displayed (which is obviously a good thing!).

4.  Site Review Project

The Site Review Project encompasses both SEO and design. We track dozens of items for our clients’ websites, including meta descriptions, backlinks, social media links, desktop and mobile site speed, and more. This goes to show that you can’t just slap up a new website and call it good; it needs constant “TLC” to maintain and grow.

5.  A Bunch Of Other Stuff

In addition to the projects above, our SEO team is plugging away at a ton of other tasks to ensure our clients’ websites are kicking butt on Google. They’ve been so busy that we’ve had to bring on new people to help with development, blog posting, and client support. MYM SEO is running at full speed 24/7, and we need all hands on deck.

Looking For This Level Of Service From An SEO Company?

If you’re a contractor who wants to thrive in today’s market, SEO is no longer optional—it’s MANDATORY. And it can be a heck of an uphill battle if you’re not an expert.

We are currently looking for a few contractors who are serious about growing their businesses… and understand that SEO (and internet marketing as a whole) is the proverbial Yellow Brick Road to get there.

If that’s you, give us a call at (817) 416-4333. Or hook yourself up with one of our no-cost, no-strings Lead Generation Audits. We’ll take a deep dive into your internet marketing efforts and reveal what aspects are working… and what aspects need some serious work.

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