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How To “Golden State Warriors” Your Marketing (Part Two)

golden state warriors

Way back on December 12th, 2016, I predicted the following:

  • The Golden State Warriors would go 68-14 during the NBA’s regular season
  • The Golden State Warriors would win the 2016-2017 NBA Championship

I need to start my own psychic hotline…

The Warriors went 67-15 during the regular season and won the championship.

I was literally one game off in my prediction.

“Yeah, yeah, Rich. You predicted an NBA Super Team would have a great record and win the championship… so what?”

I hear you.

But I’m not sending you this email just to brag about my sports-prediction powers.

I’m writing this to you as a reminder that you can create a marketing Super Squad. One that is the equivalent of this year’s unstoppable Golden State Warriors.


By “drafting” MYM to your team.

When you team up with MYM, it’s like adding Kevin Durant to your already elite squad.

Together, we become a marketing juggernaut, bulldozing the competition by 40 points per game.

Why? Because we provide total marketing solutions for contractors like you:

  • Branding
  • Website Development
  • Copywriting
  • SEO
  • PPC
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Media Buying (TV & Radio) And Commercial Creation
  • Past & Current Customer Marketing
  • Proximity Marketing
  • Home Show Marketing
  • New Mover Marketing
  • And a lot more

Not only do we fulfill all of your marketing needs, but we also do it with MVP-level talent.

The MYM team is the marketing equivalent of this season’s Golden State Warriors: We’ve got All-Stars galore.

Check out what it’s like teaming up with MYM.

With MYM on your squad, your success is as sure as Kevin Durant sinking a game winner during crunch time.

P.S. Way-too-early prediction: The Warriors go 70-12 during the 2017-2018 regular season and win the championship again next year. Bank on it!


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