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Double Or Triple Home Show Leads With Triple Play Strategy

home show strategy
How would you like to clean-up at the next Home Show you attend?

You know, be the booth that gets more attention and vacuums up the most leads?

You can. The amount of high-quality leads and sales you generate is not random.

It has nothing to do with chance and everything to do with having a proven system and the right marketing pieces.

And the results can be astounding.

Contractors using this powerful system have reported increases in home show leads of 2 to 10 times over previous efforts.

The success of this system is based on the Triple Play Strategy, and today I’m going to lay bare the first part of the strategy.

(I’ll reveal the other two parts in future posts).

The first thing you have to bring with you to the Home Show is your business’s Identity.


Because when you don’t, you’ll get lost in what I call the ‘Sea of Sameness.’ That’s booth after booth and salesperson after salesperson saying essentially the same things.

What you need to do to stand out is have the right marketing materials that make your Identity bold and crystal clear.

So the first rule at the Home Show is to stand out and actually communicate your core Identity message with power, passion, and precision.

Over the next several blog posts, I’m going to reveal more and more about why the Triple Play Strategy is so effective.

Stay tuned.

If you want to jump ahead, you can read more about our home show package right here.

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That’s all for now, check my next post for more Home Show success secrets.

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